Feel like the summer Bank Holiday means it’s the end of the summer?

Yesterday’s Bank Holiday felt like an official mark of the end of the summer holidays! Whilst we might experience an initial wave of misery as we dig out our jumpers and wellies, it does also mean it is time to get back to routine or set new things and tasks in our every day life.

Here are some of the positive changes that we can look forward too as we leave summer behind for another year:

  • Morning World
    Try to get your sleep timetable regulated, in order to get enough sleep! Let your brain get a good rest, every night. Leave your phone away from your bed at night so you can get up fresh and awake, ready for a day at uni!

nighttime on campus

  • Let’s go uni-shopping
    If you haven’t done it yet, make a list with all the possible things you will need to buy for your new environment, your room. Usually, once we get in the supermarket we are not quite sure what to buy and what not to buy, and most of the times we spent our money wrongfully. So it is better to be well prepared from the beginning! Focus on the basics: beedsheets – wait to see the exact size of your new bed, towels, cleaning equipment and also a trolley for your grocery shopping – it helps a lot and it is suitable for those who need to walk until Tesco. You can find one in Argos at a very reasonable price. 🙂

ikea bedroom

  • Goodbye my Friend
    Whether you are leaving the country, your town or your continent, make sure you are spending the appropriate time with your loved ones including (first of all) your family, relatives and your friends! Try not to postpone any meetings or parties, because as a fresher you will probably miss those days, but can look forward to making new friends. 🙂


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