My first day at the University of Essex

Hello!  My name is Shannon and I’m one of the student bloggers at the University of Essex – even though I’m a third year student, I can still remember my first day at university like it was yesterday!

9:00am – arrived at the university with mum and an overflowing car (seriously, I have no idea how we managed to fit everything in).

9:10am – walked over to collect my keys – well door card and key code – for Harwich court and managed to make a new friend in the que :).

9:30am – the madness began, aka unloading the car.

stuff to take to university

12:00pm – it took many trips (I think 4…or maybe 5) using one of the carts provided and a lot of muscle to get all of my stuff unloaded, but we finally sorted everything!  Who says women aren’t strong ;). Next I unpacked and made it look more homely.

Picture 2

2:00pm – my room looked much better by this point and I’d met two housemates, who were both really friendly.  Mum went off to tesco’s to buy some groceries to stock up my fridge and cupboards.

3:00pm – went for a little wander down to the main campus alone (wasn’t as scary as I thought) there were lots of stalls set up and I spoke to some members of the cheerleading team.  There were lots of people walking around and everyone was really friendly and helpful.

5:00pm – I said my goodbyes to Mum (who was slightly emotional) and then went off to the SU bar with one of my flatmates to meet her friends (she was a second year student).

6:00pm – I ordered a pizza in the bar and met one of my friends that I’d been talking to a on Facebook.  We got on really well and agreed to meet up later on to go to Sub Zero nightclub together.

8:00pm – By this point I started getting ready for the night ahead (and massively relieved that I’d brought a term pass because all of the tickets sold out!)

Shannon in rollers

9:00pm – I went over to my new friends flat (which was just next door) and we had a few drinks and met with some others – it ended up being a large group of us which was great because I got to meet lots more people!

11:30 – Went into the club and I remember thinking it’s a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. It was buzzing full of students!

Shannon's first night out

All in all I was fortunate to have a great day and met lots of nice people along the way.

Moving in can seem quite stressful but it’s actually not that bad – just take regular breaks and don’t forget to breathe!

I hope you find my post helpful and good luck for your Arrivals Day!