Sport at Essex; It’s Free!

Essex Blades Sports Banner

Did you know that sport here at Essex is completely free?

Well, it is! We have tonnes of sports clubs that you can “buy” a membership for and it will cost you absolutely nothing. Essex is one of few universities that provide and promote free sport for all and it’s all part of the University’s mission to get students involved in keeping fit, having fun and meeting new people, with the motto: “Free the Blades”!

The Essex Blades have sports teams ranging from your typical Football, Rugby and Netball, to more unique sports such as Pole Dancing, Brazillian Ju Jitsu and Trampolining. There really is something for everyone.

Joining a sports team is a great way to try something new, continue a passion you already have and to socialise and meet lots of new people.

BUCS Leagues

Many of our sports club compete in BUCS League matches every Wednesday, as Wednesday’s are dedicated to sport here at Essex. This means that you’ll get the chance to travel to lots of other universities and compete in both away and home games to get to the top of your league!

Just Play

Most sports also take part in a scheme called ‘Just Play’. This enables students to try out a particular sport in a more relaxed environment instead of set club training times. This is the perfect way to try a new sport that you might not be 100% sure about. It’s also a great way to get involved with a sport that you might not particularly be interested in getting involved with at competition level.

Just Play Sports

Social Life

Most sports clubs on campus also have a large social side to them, with teams holding a variety of alcoholic, and non-alcoholic, socials throughout the year. Every Wednesday night, our on-campus night club, Sub-Zero, hosts “Fed”, where every Essex Blade team attends (mostly in a different fancy dress theme each week) to celebrate or commiserate the days match scores. It’s a great night out on campus with a brilliant sportsmanship vibe!

Sports Team Social Night

Derby Day

Essex also holds an event called Derby Day every year, around Easter time, and it’s a sporting event that features Essex Blades versus UEA sports teams in every different sport. It is a day of competition where each Essex Blades team or sport will go head to head with UEA’s team for an overall winner. It’s a great day that is held on alternative campuses each year and it’s a brilliant event to get involved with.

2014 Derby Day

Here’s last years Students’ Union promotional video for Derby Day 14!

Executive Committee Members

Sports clubs here at Essex are primarily run by students and team members. This means that each year there is a chance for you to run for an executive position within your sports team. This is a great way to get even further involved with shaping the way your sports club is run, and it enables you to learn more skills that will transfer onto your career after graduating from Essex.

Sports Awards

The Sports awards is another event that is held every year and it honours those who have provided excellent service to a particular sport and sports clubs that have had a brilliant progressive year.

Sports Fed Ball

So, what are you waiting for? Check out every sports club Essex has to offer here:

There’s no doubt you’ll find something that will interest you!

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