Handy Info for New Campus Residents

It’s very nearly time for the Colchester campus arrivals day!

One of the biggest steps about moving to University, for many students, is living in halls of residence.  It’s quite a daunting process but I can assure you it is really fun.  I’ve put together a list of information that’s just “good to know” (it may also put some worried parents’ minds at ease!).

Colchester campus has it’s own security team

They patrol the campus 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year (except leap year…then it’s 366).  This service is absolutely amazing and we are very lucky to have it.  You can call them by dialing 2222 from any phone on campus or calling 01206 872222 from any other phone (i.e. your mobile).  

It’s also really important to know that when you require the emergency services and you are on campus you MUST call security instead – this is because the roads have barriers that need to be opened by security and if you inform them first they can make the call on your behalf and make sure the barriers are opened immediately – they may also be able to assist you as they are first aid trained!


Residents’ Assistants

Also known as ‘RA’s’, Residents’ Assistants are students that live within accommodation to help you to settle into university and your new home.  There will be an RA in every accommodation block and they will organise events for students to get to know each other, help resolve any disagreements within flats and help create a flat agreement (to help everyone get along and prevent arguments) as well as various other things!  You will get to meet your RA during your first week and you should have a picture of them on your kitchen notice board as well as where they are living, just in case you need to contact them.

residence life

Save Parties for the Squares

Parties in student accommodation are not allowed – unfortunately, this is a rule and it’s there for fair reasons, like respecting flatmates that want to rest some evenings and not have to wake up to a party aftermath.  Although it doesn’t stop some parties from happening, it’s important to know that it can get you into trouble if you are caught. The best advice is go to the squares, which is central campus, there will be lots of other students there (yay new people!) and it tends to have a good atmosphere – but don’t forget to bring a coat as it can get quite chilly!


One of our other amazing services on campus is Nightline.  Nightline is a confidential listening service provided by students for students and it’s open 10pm-8am every night of term and is located behind Keynes tower which is part of the North Towers, it’s the perfect place to go if you’d like someone to talk to, or maybe if you’re feeling unwell in the evening and don’t want to be alone.  

They also offer various other services such as camp bed hire (£1 for 2 nights) and free tea & toast.  Nightline is also a place where students can be directed to if they are too intoxicated or unwell – it also gives you a piece of mind that your friend is being looked after and are in safe hands should they need medical attention.


No Smoking, or candles!

Please be aware that smoking is not allowed in ANY of the University’s accommodation and students caught doing so may be fined!  Students also aren’t allowed to light candles in their rooms and it’s good to be aware that shower steam and aerosols may set off fire alarms – so avoid spraying near to the smoke detector in your room.  All doors are fire doors so keep them closed when no one is in the room.  It’s highly likely that at least one fire alarm will go off in the first two weeks of term – it’s really important to leave the building immediately (and don’t use the lift).

fire exit

Sorry that this post might have been a little boring but I think the information I’ve included is really good to know and it may help to keep you out of trouble whilst you’re at the University of Essex!

I hope you enjoy Welcome Week 🙂


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