How to Make Your Room at Uni Feel Like Home

When you move in to your accommodation, your room might feel a bit plain, boring and uninteresting. However, by making a few small adjustments you can easily personalise your room into your own little home away from home. Here’s what I did when I lived in Bertrand Russell Tower last year to make my room look more exciting!


Before you get started…

Before you put anything on your walls, check what your landlord’s policy is. They probably won’t let you make any permanent changes to your room e.g. drill any holes into the wall. They may also be fussy about you using blue tack so be careful and read your tenancy agreement before you start doing anything.  If you are staying in University accommodation, speak to your Resident’s Assistant and check inventory policies online.

Put some pictures up on your walls

Pictures of your family and friends instantly make your room all about you. Especially when you’re feeling down or homesick, it can be quite comforting to have a pictures of your pets, siblings and friends from home to bring you back to normal again. They can also be a really nice reminder of some of your best moments at University.

You can get your pictures really quickly for a few quid off of websites such as Snapfish and Photobox.

Room Photos

And whilst you’re at it, put up some posters as well!

Posters can make your room a lot more interesting and much nicer to look at! You can either bring some along with you when you move in or there is a poster sale on during Welcome Week where you can pick up a few. If not, Waterstones on campus sell posters all year round.

Posters at Uni

Postcards, old tickets and souvenirs are good too

These can complement your pictures and posters really well! You can get some really cool postcards from Paperchase which make you room a bit more quirky and different. Whereas tickets and souvenirs look really cool when you put them with pictures of where they are from to create a reminder of some of your best memories.

Get some fairy lights!

This may sound a bit funny but, in Towers especially, you can’t control your lighting very much; either you have your room light on or off. Therefore, it can be a really good idea to get some fairy lights as they can create a bit of an ambience when you want to chill out and relax after a long day.

Fairy Lights

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