Freshers Fair Fun

Hopefully you all managed to attend freshers fair this weekend and pick up lots of freebies!

If you didn’t attend, don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to get involved.  Try to sign up to any sports club or society that you’re interested in as early on as possible to make sure you receive all of the updates.

Social Media is also a good way to find out up to date information about the society or sports club and any events they may be hosting.  As well as societies and sports clubs there are also lots of great volunteering opportunities, such as Nightline and Course Reps.

image1 (2)

Most sports clubs offer a come and try session which will be most likely happening this week and it’s a great way to try new sports to see if you’d be interested in joining their team.  Also many sports clubs have a weekly Just Play sessions which are a great middle ground between not having to commit to a team but still being able to enjoy the sport.

image3 (1)

We’re very fortunate at the University of Essex to have such an active students union so be sure to make the most of it!

There is almost a society for everything, and if there isn’t you can start your own!

Personally I have been an active member of the Essex Flames Cheerleading Club, Biological Sciences Society and the Duke of Edinburgh Society and I’ve met lots of great people by getting involved.



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