Languages for All – for FREE

Languages for All gives students the opportunity to learn a language for a year, for free, at a beginner or post beginner level. It is available to all full-time and part-time registered students who are enrolled on a University of Essex course and applications to enroll close on the 9 October 2015.

Languages for All

With Language Express you can learn Arabic, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, or Spanish. These are taught in classes on campus in the evening.

With Language Portfolio you can study French, German, or Spanish through flexible web-based learning alongside your main course.

I was lucky enough to take part in French Language Express at level one (beginner) and absolutely loved it! I got to learn a language, have fun doing so, and have it added to my Further Achievements Transcript. I think it is so important to take opportunities like this that are free and can really set you apart from others when you apply for jobs in the future.

This opportunity is a gift that should be taken and made the most out of!

Languages for All Classroom

The Tony Rich Teaching Centre is where the classes are taught if you choose the Language Express option.  You will have one two-hour class each week and classes are in the evenings, so they won’t clash with lecture/class timetables. Learning is really fun and interactive with group activities, pair work, games, listening exercises, speaking role-plays, reading, writing and grammar exercises.

Teaching Centre Study Space

If we are talking about the teaching centre then I must mention the adorable Campus Cat, who spends most of his time hanging around the Teaching Centre. I’ve found him curled up on one of the sofas plenty of times and have always stopped by to say ‘hi’ before heading to my French class!

Campus Cat

Make the most of your University experience and get more than just a degree!

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