Extra-Curricular Activities

University life is not only about lectures/classes and deadlines, parties and friendships. It’s also the perfect framework for development, from both the professional and personal perspective.

discussing book

In order to stand out the crowd, a 2.1 undergraduate degree is no longer enough and students need to go that extra mile. As a fresh graduate (I just finished my Bachelor’s this summer) I can assure you that getting involved in extra-curricular activities is a must – an enjoyable one, though.

Keep an eye on societies, get involved in their activities and maybe in their executive committees, as this looks really good on your CV! You will find a wide range of societies on the essexstudent.com website, the Students’ Union official page. Societies can be based  departmentally, be activities based, and be sports focused; there is always something for everyone. The Employability and Careers Centre is also worth mentioning here. This is the free University provided service for students to increase their employability – they will help with CV Clinics, Career Advice, Interviews Preparation, workshops, conferences and presentations that will find quite useful!


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