Songs that sum up uni life so far

A year of University in song…

Seeing all of the new 1st years arrive at the University over the past few weeks has been a strange experience for me! Not only does it mean that I’m no longer one of the younger students at the University, it’s also made me realise that I don’t actually have that long left here at the University.

This got me thinking about all of the amazing times I’ve had here at the University of Essex so far. Here they all are, in song form…
I will survive by Gloria Gaynor

This pretty much sums up my first week here at Essex; “being alone at first and petrified” before finding out about all of the things I can get involved at Essex which made me think that “I will survive.”

The first few weeks at the University were scary and overwhelming at first. Knowing no one and suddenly having every opportunity at your doorstep can make you feel anxious but it’s important to remember that everyone is in exactly the same position as you are!
Losing my religion by REM

It can easy to be self-conscious  at first, as it’s likely that you feel out of place in your new environment thinking “Oh no I’ve said too much” when in actual fact “I haven’t said enough”.

At university you’ll often find that, for some of the time, you’re alone and you get used to your own company. This means that it’s the perfect time to get to know who you are as a person; what you like/dislike and how you typically are and behave. This can mean that you change a lot, as you take on a new phase of your life and you get to have the final call on a lot of the stuff you do. It’s important to embrace this change though and make sure it’s for the better!
Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader

At the weekend, when you and your friends get together and “everyone’s feeling warm and bright”, just go ahead, let go and get “dancing in the moonlight”.

As well as your studies, it’s really important to spend time with your friends and spend some quality time together. Whether that’s going out to a nightclub or going shopping in town, it’s often the people that you’re with that make the memories when you look back at your time at Essex. So make sure you make the effort to stop working some of the time and enjoy yourself!

Eye of the tiger by Survivor

During exam season, after a number of long sessions in the library, it can be easy to feel like giving up and to just not care anymore. But finding motivation within “the eye of the tiger, the thrill of the fight; rising up to the challenge” can make it seem much more bearable.

Exam season can be relentless and tough depending on your exam timetable, but everything can be so much easier and bearable if you take the opportunity to make a revision timetable and stick to it! Also it’s easy to forget but sleep is most definitely your friend, not your enemy during this time of year!
Summertime by Will Smith

Following the stress and pressure of exams, the summer ball waits on the other side which offers the perfect opportunity to “sit back and unwind” before the “summertime”.

Everyone goes to the summer ball in all of their finery for the final night of the year. It’s a really nice evening full of amusements and big name acts. Last year we had Professor Green headlining along with the excitement of a big wheel and dodgems among loads of other cool stuff!

Rather be by Clean Bandit

When it comes to going home for the summer, it may make for sad thinking; having to earn money by working, getting bored and not seeing your friends for ages. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking “there’s no place I’d rather be”.

But a new year is only around the corner and loads of memories are waiting to be made.


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