Secret Student Essentials

Throughout your time at University, you’ll probably find that you need to buy things that you and your parents forgot to bring with you to University. You’ve probably forgotten them because they’re not necessarily on packing lists for when you go to Uni, but they are essential nonetheless. Here are my secret student essentials

  1. A Diary

A diary is something that I feel I can no longer function without! When you think of all the stuff that you have to do at Uni; classes, society meet ups, work, coursework, it’s so easy to forget where you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to be doing. A diary makes sure that you get stuff done and is handy for keeping track of everything that you need to do!


  1. A doorstop

This one is especially good when you first move in to your accommodation, as people are far more likely to pop in and say hello if you have your door open! A doorstop can also be very useful when you’re moving all of your stuff into your new room at the start of the year!


  1. A backpack

Having a backpack can be a godsend when you’re hauling all of your shopping back from Tesco. Plastic bags often dig into your hands after a while and now cost 5p each for the privilege! You’ll find that having a backpack is also useful if you’re going back home for a night or two, as you won’t have to bring big heavy suitcases with you.

  1. A pocket sewing kit

This is probably the most obscure item on my list, but you will find that you or your friends will need it more than you think! Whether it’s a button that needs reattaching, or a hole that needs fixing, having a small sewing kit actually comes in handy quite a lot. Plus, people never think of getting one until they need it, so you’ll be very popular if you have one handy!


  1. Playing cards

Having a set of playing cards can make those lazy Sunday afternoons so much less boring! Playing card games costs nothing and can be a great way to get to know your flatmates in the kitchen. There are also infinite possibilities in what game you could play, Irish snap is a particular favourite in my house!

  1. A Suit or something formal

Having something smart to wear at Uni can be really useful if you’re being interviewed for a part time job, or for award evenings and special occasions. It can be tempting to leave stuff like this safely at home, but you’ll find that you will wear it more than you think!

  1. Your passport

Another important one for if you’re interested in getting a job! When you’re hired, you will be asked for your “right to work documents”, to prove that you have the permission to work in the country, along with your national insurance number.  If you don’t have it with you, then it can often be difficult to provide suitable “right to work documents”.

  1. Fancy dress outfits/ plain clothes

If you’re part of a sports team, then you’ll probably find that you need to dress up often for your socials. If you have a few basic costumes then you’ll find that dressing up for these events will be much easier. Plain clothes such as cheap plain white t-shirts can be useful as well! These, along with some marker pens, make sure that there are infinite possibilities to what your costume could be without breaking the bank!

  1. Post it notes

Post it notes are brilliant for jotting down a quick thought, leaving a short message to your flatmates or reminding yourself to do something. They are also quite under rated as a way to prank your flatmates!


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