Bonfire Night

I went to the Bonfire Night put on by the Students’ Union at the Colchester campus and had a great time!


When I first arrived, I looked around at the carnival style stalls put on by the societies. There was a massive array of different things to do, from the Sociology society doing glow stick garden games, to the Anime and Manga society having a candyfloss stall!

Glow sticks

(Photo taken from @essexsu instagram page, it’s hard to get good photos in the dark!)

I arrived just as the Spinning society were about to start their fire spinning. It was a really spectacular show and gathered quite a crowd!

There was also live music throughout the evening, which was a nice touch for everyone to listen to as they got some food and drink. The photographic society were serving crepes and with the queue twice this long they must have been good!


After having a wander and looking at all the stalls, I found myself a good viewing position for watching the fireworks. It was great to see how many people had come out to watch.


The fireworks really were spectacular. Having them set to music made the whole experience even more impressive. As you can see, everyone else was getting photos to upload with the hashtag #sufireworks, for their chance to win a prize from the SU.


I just want to say a big thank you to all of the volunteers who helped out at bonfire night! I could see there were a lot of you working hard and making sure everything was safe.

Of course, thank you to the SU for putting on such a great evening.

SU stand

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