Places to Eat on Campus

So, it’s lunch time, you’ve just got out of a lecture incredibly hungry and you’re not sure where to eat on campus. Trust me, I’ve been there too. There is always so much choice that I think I spend longer walking around looking at the venues and deciding where to go than I do actually eating! After two years of hungrily wondering around deliberating on where to eat, I have decided to make this post for you (and me!) so hopefully it’ll be easier for us all next time.


When you’re in a rush and need food fast.

Reasonable prices and quick service, this is where to go when you’re running low on time and money.

What I order: Cheese classic burger with sweet potato fries and Pepsi.



When you’re in a rush, but want a warm filling meal.

Really quick service and delicious meals. The food from here gives me a warm feeling inside and the prices are good too!

What I order: Roast Chicken with potatoes, vegetables and gravy (lots of gravy)



New this year!

Porridge and bagels for breakfast, hot lunchboxes and freshly prepared salads for lunch. Located in the absolutely stunning Essex Business School!

I haven’t tried anything yet- comment below if you have eaten here and tell me what to try!


PlacesToEat4 PlacesToEat5

Another new one this year!

Not just pies but AWARD WINNING PIES! (not to mention chips, mash and even more gravy!) I could not be happier about this! At £3.95 a pie, I don’t see how I could possibly say no!

The bus also serves breakfasts, so if you need a tasty wake up call, you could start your day with some warm hash browns and a bacon bap!

What I order: MOO pie: A British beef steak, cracked black pepper & craft ale pie



Personally one of my favourites. Perfect for a light lunch!

Zest offers some of the most delectable bagels, panini’s, pastries and cakes you could ever ask for. I always find myself drawn in here when I’m wanting something light and tasty.

What I order: Bacon, chicken and Emmental Panini



The best biscuits can be found here!

From sandwiches to slices, this place has the best to-go food for when you’re on the go. It also stocks Border Biscuits – my favourite biscuits ever!

What I like to eat: Lamb Samosa with Border chocolate chip shortbread rings



Great Value for money!

I always leave Fusion feeling satisfied that I’ve just had a great meal for an amazing price. From woks to burgers, they have a brilliant selection to choose from at such good prices!

What I like to order: Peri Peri Chicken Favourites- butterflied peri peri chicken breast, onion rings, chips and coleslaw all for £5.95. SO WORTH IT.



For when you are craving something healthier

Baguettes, jacket potatoes, a salad bar, soups and stews. Food that makes you feel good inside.

What I order: Soup and fresh bread.



Yes- I saved my personal best till last!

Whenever I have enough time to just sit down and enjoy a good meal with an amazing atmosphere this is where I go. I’d like to think I’m pretty much a regular here and who can blame me?! The chicken  is just mindblowingly good.

What I order: Chicken and Chorizo wrap with a BBQ marinade, wedges and a refillable drink. SO YUM.

So there you have it, my guide to eating on campus. Next time you’re deliberating on what to eat and you need a helping hand, read this through and see what takes your fancy. There’s a venue for every mood and craving. Enjoy!

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