Why I Love My Course – Drama

Going to University to study drama was always an obvious choice for me! Getting the opportunity to study a subject I love whilst also getting the opportunity to experience so many new things was something I just couldn’t refuse! Here’s why…

1.There are so many aspects of drama covered in this course

Unlike in Drama schools where you’re just being trained to become an actor, a University course in drama allows you to explore the subject in a variety of ways. Modules range from looking at how lighting and sound work in “technical theatre”, to how drama can be used to engage with children in “theatre in education”. The course really opens up your eyes to the possibilities of theatre and inspires you to explore the subject in more detail.

WhyILoveMyCourse12. There’s a perfect balance of both theoretical and practical assessments

Unlike a lot of University courses, where you’re only assessed through essays and exams, in Drama you’re assessed through a variety of methods. These are generally split 50/50 between theoretical and practical assessments. Whether its examinations, logbooks or practical exams, you’re assessed in a variety of ways which challenge you to think and work in a versatile manner.


3. Lakeside Theatre

The University of Essex is the only University in the country to have a theatre on all three of its campuses. Whilst I cannot talk for the Southend or Loughton campuses, the Lakeside theatre on the Colchester campus is phenomenal. There’s usually a different professional show on every week and you really don’t know what’s going to come next. With student tickets priced at only £5 each for shows, this is a great opportunity and really does inspire you to make new and exciting theatre for your course as well!


4. Lecturers teach you to challenge and ask ‘why?’

Challenging perception is at the very heart of everything we do at Essex and my course is certainly no exception. All of the lecturers have a real insight in the field of drama and are experts in their area of study. The University boasts academics that think differently, challenge perception and actively carry out research in a variety of subjects such as playwriting, directing and naturalism. Their teaching encourages you to think creatively and outside of the box.


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