Getting a part time job

Okay…so you’ve been at university for a few months now and the student loan may not be as large as you originally thought it was!  A great way to help your bank balance (and avoid the dreaded overdraft) is to get a part time job.

It’s really important to have a great CV and to update it regularly during your time at university (makes your life easier when it comes to making applications).Essex CV

Finding work on campus, or in general, is really straight forward thanks to the CareerHub and it’s easy to access (  You can simply select “on campus jobs” from the drop down menu and voila…JOBS!Career hubIt’s important to know that on campus there are two major organisations you can work for: the students union, or the university, (or both if you’re me!).  Some examples of jobs within the student union are: bar work, front of house, or retail; where as,  the university offer other office based work and also various ambassador roles (plus lots of others, but it would be impossible to list!)Blues

So…why should you listen to me?  Since coming to university I have had 11 jobs, on and off campus and have listed them all briefly below. I think it’s important to know what types of opportunity are available to students.

My jobs: student ambassador (I since been promoted to senior!), Top Bar bartender, online brand ambassador, agency healthcare assistant, peer engagement ambassador, DLHE telephone survey assistant, care assistant, clearing temporary assistant, assistant team leader for NCS, Essex fund student caller and accommodation representative.

As you can see seven of these were working for the university, one was for the students union and three were with external companies.  The important thing to know is that I found out about ALL of them through the Employability and Careers centre – whether it was through emails, CareerHub or even events such as Employability week.

It’s also now easier than ever to get all of your hard work recognised with the Big Essex Award.  Any extra curricular activity you can get involved in will count towards the award and it will go on your transcript!  For more information about this log onto the CareerHub and register for a breifing session (don’t worry, it will be on your CareerHub home page!).BEA

I hope you find a job as easily and quickly as I did : ) Good luck!

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