Big Essex Award

What is it?

It is an award open to any student at the University of Essex and is recognised by employers. It demonstrates your participation in extra-curricular activities and volunteering as well as your academic studies. It is put on your transcript once you finish your degree as a formal way to show employers that you have gained the award through the university.

How do I complete it?

There are three different levels of the award that are worth different amounts of credits:

  • Bronze (50 credits)
  • Silver (100 credits)
  • Gold (150 credits)

You can achieve these by volunteering with the V team, which is a great opportunity either on campus or off campus to regularly volunteer or volunteer as a one-off. If you have a part-time job alongside your studies either on or off campus then this can count toward your experience. There are many other ways just check out the Essex Careers Hub page, where you can log in with your student I.D.

What can I achieve with it in the future?

Can I find out more?

Check out this link below to find out more. There are contact details at the bottom of the page, so feel free to email them if you have any questions 🙂

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