Why I love my course – Bio Sciences

Deciding what you want to study at university is a really difficult choice…which is why it’s important to make the right decision.  Personally I want to study Medicine, however due to a variety of factors this was not possible when I completed my A-Levels, which is why I needed to study a related course to ensure this would still be a possibility in the future, as well as choosing something I’m truly interested in.

Biomedical science sounds a lot more intimidating that what it actually is! The course itself is interesting as well as challenging, so it keeps you engaged.

So why Biomedical science?

  1. Interested in modern science – I genuinely find this subject interesting, which makes it far less of a chore when it comes to completing assignments and revising for exams.  Science is an ever-growing field and new discoveries are being made everyday, which is one of the many reasons I enjoy what I study.


  2. Fascinating research – This is something I realised during my second year: the research taking place in our department is potentially life-changing.  For example, one of my lecturers is looking into creating an artificial blood substitute, which has the power to change millions of lives! Although this is only one example, there’s tonnes of research happening within our department and during our third year we get to complete our own research project!
  3. Excellent employment – Our course has one of the highest rates of employment in the whole university (this includes postgraduate study), which is something very appealing to me, as I know how difficult it can be to find graduate jobs.  It’s reassuring to know that I stand a good chance of finding work as soon as I graduate if I’m not able to study medicine.
  4. Great university life – As soon as I visited the University of Essex I knew that I would like it here.  There’s so much to do within the department (e.g. frontrunners work) as well as outside of the department (e.g. sports and societies).  I find there’s a really friendly atmosphere on campus and because the university is small, when compared to city universities, it seems a lot easier to find out about the array of opportunities available and to get involved with the university.
    BSS me
  5. Amazing teaching staff – During my interview for the course, I met a really nice lecturer (who is now my tutor) and she really made me feel welcomed before I’d even arrived.  The staff are really helpful – which is something you NEED at university, because it’s very different from school and college.  At university, students are expected to complete a lot of independent study aside from lectures, which some students can struggle with. Hence, that is why it’s important to have great teaching staff on hand to help you with anything your struggling with and to help you realise you’re not alone and that they have been through it themselves!

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