The best places to study on campus

Finding the perfect place to study isn’t easy. Having 4 hour gaps between lectures and living off-campus means that I often stay on campus during my breaks. But don’t worry, there are lots of great places to study on campus and you might just catch me in one of them!

PC Labs

The PC Labs are great if you need to work on a computer. With over 500 computers spread across 15 labs there is always a computer available and a printer nearby.


My favourite PC lab is Lab J. With 106 computers in it, I can always find enough computers free to be able to sit and work next to my friends.

Lab J

Best for: Computer work, e.g. essays

Atmosphere: Fairly quiet

Silberrad Student Centre

If you need to do a mix of reading and essay writing, then the Silberrad Centre is your best bet. There are desks with and without computers, which is great if you’re planning a long studying session. Also, the lakeview room is very relaxing if you want to sit and read (I just tend to look at the ducks).


Best for: Reading or computer work

Atmosphere: Usually quiet

The great outdoors

If you don’t mind the cold, then sitting on a bench by the lake is a great way to get your reading done, or even to just take a break from studying. I would recommend heading to the Kitchen beforehand and getting a white hot chocolate (tastes incredible and is a bargain at £1.35)!

The Kitchen21707521043_b671dac49b_o

Best for: Reading

Atmosphere: Relaxing and peaceful


If you need to do group work, then head to the Orangery or Limehouse. You can bring your own laptop and plug it in to the projector, or use the built in computer to practice those presentations. You can also write on the walls with whiteboard pens which is great for revising with friends.


Best for: Group work

Atmosphere: Relatively loud – there are group discussions going on!

Good luck with your studying!

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