Why I love my course – Psychology

Picking which course you want to study at university can be a daunting task. After switching course and university, I know what it’s like to make the wrong decision, but now I’m so glad that I am loving both my course and university. I am in my second year of studying Psychology at the University of Essex and here are my main reasons why I enjoy it so much:

The lecturers

On a Monday I have 2 lectures back to back, both are 2 hours long so that’s a solid 4 hours of listening to lectures. However, the lecturers and so engaging that I don’t even notice how long I’ve been sat there. The teaching staff are really approachable and give you the opportunity to meet with them if you have any issues with the course content, or just need something clarified.


The course

Psychology is such an interesting subject – although I am biased! My favourite module is Social Psychology, as you learn why people behave in certain ways and I love applying that to real life situations. Studying Psychology really makes you more aware of what is going on around you, which I find fascinating. If you’re ever in a group watch out for ‘social loafers’! Social loafing is the phenomenon where people put less effort into achieving a goal when they are in a group, compared to when they are alone. Compare how loudly large audiences clap compared to small audiences, most people in larger audiences will be clapping a lot more quietly than those in a smaller setting. This can be applied to lots of different situations, including when you have to do presentations at university. Keep an eye out for the social loafers in your group!


The campus

I like that the Psychology department has it’s own building, but I really love the whole campus. The layout of the squares means everything is nearby and you can easily nip out of a PC lab to grab some lunch. It’s also great to be able to go for a walk around the lake if you just need to take a break from the essay that is stressing you out.


The help with employability

I never expected to get so much help with employability when I came to university. Lectures, seminars, CV workshops and feedback on job applications are just a few things that have been a great help so far. Also, the opportunity to take part in a frontrunner placement is really worthwhile. It helps you to learn more about the area you are interested in working in and get relevant experience in that area.


So there you have my reasons for loving my course! As you can see, loving your course isn’t just about the lectures and seminars, but also the opportunities and experiences you gain along the way.

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