Perry’s To Do List Before End Of Term

So we are currently at the stage of the year where things are starting to wrap up for the end of the term, before the long awaited Christmas break! However, this doesn’t mean that we can start to relax any more than we do already… There are loads of essays to write and assignments to finish before we can even start thinking about taking it easy for a while.

I for one am no exception to this and I have loads of stuff that I need to fit in before I say goodbye to my house mates for the festive season! Here’s a few items on my to-do list to give you a bit of an insight into how much stuff us students have going on for the next few weeks!

Essays, essays and more essays!

Like a lot of people at the moment, I have lots of work to do for my essays and assignments. Not only do I have two 3000 word essays due in for the last day of term, but I also have two other essays to prepare and research for before I head back home to write them over the Christmas break! I know that it’s going to be tough, but I have every belief that I’ll get it done and that I won’t procrastinate (well, not too much anyway..!)

However, if you are reading this and thinking that you’re struggling with everything then take a look at some blog posts on this blog that have been written by other writers! There’s been some really useful ones recently about managing your workload and writing essays. Check them out! Just don’t drive yourself crazy 😉

inbetweeners word

Winter Fayre

As part of my role as the Arts Convenor on Campus for the Societies Guild, I’m currently helping out in organising the annual Winter Fayre which is taking place this year on Friday 4th December from 4-8 pm on Square 3! It’s a really nice event that gets loads of the University societies to come together and showcase their work from the past year. Live performances and bundles of fairy lights also get people into the seasonal spirit!

I loved the event last year; here’s me with a few of my friends proudly showing off our festive attire!

To Do List 2

Christmas is coming!!

As if you didn’t already know, Christmas is only a few weeks away now! That means that I have been panicking about buying Christmas presents recently, so that I can tick it off my list before the big Christmas rush! Some people like to do their shopping on Christmas Eve, but I could never do it… I’ve recently written an article for this blog with tips on buying Christmas presents, so have a look at it if you’re feeling a bit stumped for ideas this year!

My job

Alongside studying and everything else in my crazily busy life, I have a part-time job with the Student’s Union, working within the Marketing department. As part of my job, we listen to students about how well the Student’s Union is fulfilling its promises to provide the best experience possible for students. At the moment we have a big deadline coming up so it’s all hands on deck for now!

Year abroad research

I have also recently taken the tough decision to take a year abroad next year. Even though I signed up to a course with a year abroad, I did have some doubts over whether I actually wanted to go for it or not. I’m already having a brilliant time at Essex and it seemed a bit unnecessary to do another year of education than I needed to. However, I’ve found that I will probably never have the chance to do something like this ever again and it seems a bit foolish to let the opportunity slip through my hands.

So at the moment I’m currently doing lots of research into where I actually want to go. USA, Canada and Australia seem like the most likely so far, but I’ve still got a lot of things to find out and many more information websites to navigate around before I make my decision!

To Do List 4

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