Another Study Abroad Adventure! From Australia to New Zealand…

Summer holidays in Australia has now begun! I am currently traveling the North and South Islands in New Zealand for 3 weeks. We have taken a tour bus which takes us to each place and provides us with accommodation that is usually hostels.

So far it has been a great experience. The scenery is amazing and different in every place, it ranges from snowy mountains to beaches. There is such a small population in the country that it seems really quiet and New Zealand is great if you like outdoor adventures, for example you can sky dive, kayak, paddle board, horse ride, bungee jump etc.

I find that the accent is very similar to the Australian accent and the people are very friendly! However, they have some different sayings, such as ‘sweet as’ which I have never heard before. As a country, it is very different to Australia. For example, the towns and cities are a lot smaller and a lot less busy. Everyone seems so relaxed and there is not the hustle and bustle like there is in Australia. The climate in New Zealand is also cooler, the weather has been warm but not as hot as it gets in Australia.

I am still at the beginning of my New Zealand trip so in my next blog post I will post pictures!

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