Winter Break on Campus

So, it’s coming up to winter break and all of you lovely people that are staying on campus may be wondering about how you’re going to spend your time and what you can do on campus. For me, this is my first winter break where I will be spending most of it here on campus, so I decided to do some investigating of all the cool things we can do together during the winter break!

Here is a list of events for the first week of winter break that are being put on by the ISA. There’s lots of trips, sports and Christmassy activities we can all get involved in!

essex christmas

December 12th– Southend Christmas Trip!

Here’s a lovely opportunity to spend the day visiting the Southend campus and town centre, watching the lights show and doing lots more exciting things! Travel will be provided

Here’s the Facebook event for if you want to find out more:

Also, here’s a handy link to all the events put on at Southend on Sea:

December 13th– Brightlingsea Christmas Trip!

The very next day you will also have the opportunity to go to the Brightlingsea Christmas tree festival!

Find out more by joining the Facebook event here:

December 14th– Indoor football and decorating the tree!

Two lovely activities to get involved in on this day! Indoor football in the sports hall from 2-4pm and then head down to the SU bar to decorate the tree from 5-8pm!

More information on the Facebook event here:

December 15th– Sports hall and SU bar!

For this event you’ll definitely need to join the Facebook event to find out more, as they are yet to release the details of what exciting activities you’ll be getting up to!

Event here:

16th December- Sports hall and Cine 10!

Come along to the sports hall to play basketball from 2-4pm and then head to cine 10 at 7pm for a nice relaxing screening of Bad Santa!

Join the event here:

17th December- Volleyball and Bingo!

You know the drill by now! Head to the sports hall from 2-4pm for a fun game of volleyball and then straight after go and play some bingo in Level up from 4-6pm!

Find out more by joining the facebook event here:

All of that was just the first week! There are plenty more events throughout the winter break and these will be released on the winter break Facebook group which can be found here: and the winter break event page that can be found here:

Please join these groups and events to find out more about everything you can get involved in and make the most of all of these events. Its the perfect way to make new friends and new memories!

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