The Towers Experience

To begin with, there are in total six towers at the Colchester Campus of the university: 4 towers in the North of campus and 2 other towers in the South area. Throughout my time at university, I have lived in a different tower each year and I have got all the best parts that you need to know about the towers.

Why should one consider applying for the Towers accommodation? Here are some of my reasons why:

  • you make instantly 14-15 friends, depending on the number of flatmates that are in your flat. When I came to university, I did not know that many people and it definitely helped to live with a few other students that were in the same situation as me. You get to meet lots of people from various countries in a very welcoming atmosphere.
  • close to campus. If you are like me and want to be close to your place of studies and perhaps to where you work, then the Towers are a great option. From where I am currently living, the South Towers, I am only 2-3 minutes away from my lectures which allows me to sleep that bit longer in the mornings!
  • big communal area in each flat. We call it the kitchen area and it is equipped with all the things that you could possibly need in order to prepare your meals. I find myself hanging around the kitchen most of the time to catch up with my flatmates, prepare a meal together or have a social gathering with other students on different occasions.
  • affordable rent. The towers are the most affordable from all of the accommodation that our university provides. Rental prices may vary, but if you interested please find out more on the website of the University of Essex Accommodation.

At the moment, I am in my final year at the university and I feel that living in the South Towers helps me out with saving time and in this way it is easier to manage both studies and part-time work. However, I still get to have fun with my friends and, as Resident Assistant, I get to create lots of fun events for my 3 flats of students. In the pictures below, me and the flat 6 in Eddington were having a great time celebrating Thanksgiving.

year 4

In all previous years, we celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the kitchens of our flats. In the pictures below, I am with some of my good friends and flatmates enjoying the holiday spirit.

year 2-1 year 2

However, if you prefer living with fewer people and do not want to have shared bathrooms, perhaps the Towers are not for you. There are plenty of more options available and you can have a look what Accommodation has to offer on the following video tour of the Colchester Campus:

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