Essex Nightline

Have you ever walked past Keynes tower, looked at the ground floor and wondered what all those posters in the windows were about? Well, if you don’t know what it is already, then follow the rest of this post to find out more about an amazing out of hours service on campus! The Nightline service runs during term time every night of the week from 10pm to 8am and it is definitely a useful service to keep in mind, so you know that if you ever need any help out of hours you are not alone. Essex Nightline has you covered!

 Essex Nightline


Confidential listening– this is a non judgemental and confidential listening service, for when you just need someone to talk to about anything.

Free tea and toast – this is a nice way of chilling out and having a chat or playing some games whilst you enjoy some free food and drink.

Emergency accommodation– if you find yourself desperately needing a place to stay then you can also sleep in one of the rooms in the nightline flat. First come first served (non students need to be signed in by a student)

Free condoms– provide up to 2 free condoms upon request to callers in the flat.

Camp bed hire– Perfect for when you have visitors over! Camp bed (£1) blankets (50p) for two nights. Will need some form of ID as deposit

Pregnancy tests (£1) and Panic alarms (£2) for anyone who needs them.

Information– need to find a phone number? Lost on campus? Nightline has the knowledge to help answer all these queries and more.

Detox room– for anyone who does not feel they are in a condition to get home safely, Nightline has rooms available where they can look after you and you can sleep for the night.


The next big recruitment drive for volunteers will be in January! Here’s the process of becoming a volunteer for those who are interested;  first, you have to register your interest by emailing, then if they are currently recruiting they will email you with interview details, this will be an informal interview just so you can get to know more about the service and they can get to know you! If you are successful, you will be invited to a training weekend where you will learn all the skills for becoming a Nightline volunteer!

Nightline volunteer



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