My 2015

My 2015


It’s hard to believe that it is already a new year! 2015 seems as if it has flown by and it seems like only yesterday that it was the start of the year!

As I was scrolling through my Facebook the other day I stumbled across my “2015 review”, where the site tries to sum up my year in a few photos. However, personally I think I can do a much better job myself…so here it goes! Here’s my 2015 in a nutshell…

We won the pub quiz in the SU bar!

Every Thursday night the SU bar is home to the pub quiz. It’s a great opportunity to grab your flatmates and test your knowledge on a variety of subjects. After a few previous attempts, in February, we finally cracked it and won it! We got extra points for our team name (“Mum says I can’t do quizzes until I’m 18”) and my pointless knowledge really came into its own! Who knew that Dushanbe airport was located in Tajikistan? Well I did…

This may not sound like much of an achievement but I’ve been avidly doing pub quizzes for a few years now and this one is the very first one which I have won!

A picture of our winnings which ended up being around £14 each which wasn’t too bad!

My 2015 1


The Theatre Arts Society’s trip to Prague

At the end of June, to celebrate the end of the year, The Theatre Arts Society went on a short trip to Prague. Whilst we were there we saw the sights, tasted some local delicacies and enjoyed some down time after working hard during the year. It was a really nice opportunity to get to know some of the people in the society better and explore a magnificent city at the same time.

This is a great example of how Societies are great thing to get involved in at Essex!

Here’s a picture of a group of us from the trip…

prague trip


I did my Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition!

During the Summer I didn’t have much of a break as I was busy doing my Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition. The expedition involved spending a week hiking and camping in mountainous conditions of the Brecon Beacons in Wales . Most of the time unfortunately it was very wet, cold and miserable. However it was a great thing to get involved in and I also got to know some really great people along the way.

Here’s a picture of me and my team whilst we were in training…

brecon beacans


I started working for the SU!

This year I’ve also managed to get a job working for the Student’s Union’s marketing department as a Promo + Research Assistant. It’s such a great job to have as I play an active part in listening to what students have to say about how they are finding their time at the University and how it can be improved.

One of the first things that I did as part of my job is work on the heirloom house during Welcome Week in September. Here’s a picture that was taken of me just before my first shift on the heirloom house on arrivals day! I was told by the photographer to look excited… so I am!

foam hand


I finally passed my driving test!

After a few previous attempts, I was relieved to have passed my driving test in October! This was a result of months of hard work and dedication and a lot of frustration!

Here’s me being all happy with my pass certificate straight after my test!

driving test


I became the Arts Convenor for the Societies Guild

Starting this year, I have been the Arts Convenor. This means that I oversee all of the Arts Societies on campus and help the Societies Guild run major events like Fresher’s Fair and Winter Fayre. So far, it’s been such a brilliant thing to be a part of as I’ve discovered just how much cool stuff societies do here at the University of Essex!

This picture is one of all of the Societies Guild Committee at the recent Winter Fayre. I recently wrote a whole article about that event so check it out if you want to find out more!

winter friends


I wrote a Pantomime!

Unexpectedly, this year I also wrote a Pantomime!

“Oh no you didn’t!”

“Oh yes I did”


jack and the beanstalk

I spent 7 whole months of 2015 (from April to October) working on the project and it finally got performed on the last week of term in December at the Lakeside theatre on campus! It was my first piece of writing and it was a lot more hard work than I thought. Writing it required a lot of creativity, discipline and motivation! But seeing it being bought to life was amazing and made it all worthwhile!


So that’s just a few things that sum up my 2015! I hope you’re your 2015 was equally as exciting! Here’s hoping that 2016 will bring even better things!

Happy new year everyone

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