Christmas and New Year in Oz!


Today’s blog is going to be about my experience of spending Christmas and New Year in Australia. I decided to stay abroad over the festive season and explore something different that I may never have the chance to do again. I spent Christmas with a group of friends on Coogee beach and had a BBQ in Sydney and I spent New Year watching the fireworks at Harbour Bridge also in Sydney. It was very different to spending it with family and friends at home and it felt like more of a festival atmosphere, but it was definitely an amazing experience to remember! Below is a picture of how busy the beach was on Christmas Day and my friends and I in the Christmas spirit!

christmas beach


christmas beach friends

For New Year we waited for 15 hours to get a good spot for the fireworks at the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Sydney is supposed to be the second best place in the world to spend New Year, so we didn’t want to miss out! It was very busy and some people even camped over the night before, but we ended up getting a relatively good spot and it was well worth the wait! Below is a video of the count down of the fireworks above Harbour Bridge.

It was strange being away from home, but I am so glad I got this experience. I’ll never forget it!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year too!



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