Visit Days: what they are and why they’re helpful

You might think that ‘Visit Day’ is just another term for Open Day, but it’s not. Any prospective student can attend an Open Day, but you will only be invited to a Visit Day if you have submitted an application for that university. Visit Days help you find more out about the university and take an in depth look at the course you have applied for. They are a great way to meet fellow applicants, who you could end up being in the same lectures as!

Here are some things a visit day may include:

Getting to know your department

A Visit Day is a great way to talk to lecturers from the department you have applied for and ask more detailed questions. Most departments will also have their current students chat with you, so you can ask what they think of the course. During the Visit Day you will have a tour of your department; this is a great way to get to know your way around so it’s less alien if you do end up attending the university. For me, as a Psychology student, it was important to learn about lecturers’ research interests and see if they were researching topics that I was interested in. For me, this was a definite yes for the University of Essex.


Tour of campus and accommodation

During a Visit Day you will be given a tour of campus and accommodation by a student ambassador. These tours are a great way to find out more about the facilities on campus and which accommodation could be right for you. I am a student ambassador and am more than willing to answer any question potential students may have. During the tours, it is a great time to ask questions that you want answered by a current student, from what are bars like on campus to where is the best place to eat? What’s even better is that during the accommodation section of the tour, you will usually be shown around by someone who is currently living in that accommodation, so they know exactly what it’s like. They can give you their honest review of the accommodation and this may help you decide if it is the one for you.


An interview

Not all subjects will include an interview. After you have submitted your UCAS application you will know if the University of Essex does ask applicants of your subject to attend an interview.

Don’t worry about the interview, it won’t be like a formal job interview. Think of it as your chance to show off, demonstrate your love for your subject and discuss why you want to study at the University of Essex. If you do need to attend an interview, an exact interview time will be assigned once you are in your department on the Visit Day.

Discover what’s in store for during a visit day

Every department will have a unique programme, so make sure you take a look at your itinerary to find out what they have planned for you. If you have booked a visit day, your programme can be found in your My Essex portal.

If you are travelling more than 30 miles to the University of Essex for a Visit Day you can claim your travel expenses back (up to £200)


If you have applied to attend a Visit Day, you’ll receive your Visit Day invitation through the post, so keep an eye out for it! Visit day dates vary depending on the subject.

To find out more on Visit Days at the University of Essex you can take a look at the website.

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