Accommodation at Essex

If you’ve just received an offer from the University to study here then congratulations! If you decide to pick Essex as your first choice then your going to have to start thinking about accommodation. Essex is one of the best universities in terms of accommodation as there are lots of options to explore. There’s something for everyone! So, here’s a low down on all of them from my perspective as a student at Essex…

*Disclaimer- all information and prices were correct as of January 2016 for students starting from April 2016*

The Towers

towers accommodation

Rent price (weekly): £88.20 (North Towers) £76.93 (South Towers)

So what are they?

The Towers are some of the cheapest accommodation in the country and some of the most popular at the University. I lived in Towers during my first year and I loved it. You have the chance to meet loads of people really quickly so it’s great for first years!

You share bathroom facilities and a large kitchen with 12-16 others

Good Points

  • Situated right at the centre of campus. You can wake up 10 minutes before your lecture and still make it in time (although I wouldn’t recommend that!)
  • Brilliant social atmosphere. Towers are the best place to meet people, which is a godsend when making friends when you first arrive! The kitchens are a great social space to hang out.

Things to add

  • Surprisingly, you never have to wait for the shower or toilet. Everyone is on different schedules at University, so there will be no long queues for showers in the morning!
  • The main difference between North and South Towers is the amount of people you share facilities with. In North Towers, you share 4 showers and 4 toilets with 14 people, whereas in South Towers you share 2 showers and 4 toilets with 16 people.
  • The toilets and kitchens are cleaned twice a week, so it shouldn’t be much different to sharing facilities at home.


South Courts

south courts accommodation

Rent price (weekly): £135.38

So what are they?

South Courts are the main en-suite accommodation right in the centre of campus. These are perfect if you love your own space, like a bit of peace and quiet and you want more of an intimate accommodation experience. The majority of flats have also been recently refurbished.

Good points

  • You have your own bathroom and a bit more space than in the Towers.
  • You share a flat with 4-6 people. Great for building a nice little friendship group when you start.
  • You get quite a lot of space in your room

The Houses

the houses accommodation

 Rent price (weekly): £122.64

So what are they?

A cheaper en-suite alternative to South Courts, which are still on campus close to all the facilities. They are pretty much the same to South Courts but they are a bit older. You share with between 4-6 people.

Good points

  • The price. For what you get, it’s pretty cheap.
  • You get your own bathroom.
  • Normally a bit more peaceful than other types of accommodation

The Meadows

meadows accommodation

Rent price (weekly): £131.39 (shared bathroom) £140.98 (en-suite)

So what are they?

The Meadows are the University’s newest and most modern accommodation. You share with 12 people in a flat and there are both shared facilities and en-suite rooms available. They are like the Towers but more expensive, with better facilities.

Good points

  • It’s very modern. It was only opened a few years ago, so the facilities are top of the range.
  • You have your own launderette, shop and common room.
  • All of the flats have sofas and massive kitchen/living areas! Which is brilliant for when you want a place to chill.

The Quays

quays accommodation

Rent price (weekly): £123.69

So what are they?

The Quays are University accommodation which are about 10-15 mins walk away from campus. All the rooms are en-suite and are quite modern. Students like this accommodation because the Quays are affordable yet modern and close to lots of facilities which the other accommodation aren’t near to.

Good points

  • Close to Tesco and other shops. The Quay’s is right next to B & Q, Dominos, Subway, a hairdressers, a convenience store and Tesco.
  • Decent sized room and kitchen.
  • A short walk from campus. Ideal for those who want a break from campus life.

The Maltings

maltings accommodation

Rent price (weekly): £127-£185

So what are they?

The Maltings are off campus accommodation which is ran by a private company. There are a wide range of rooms available from a normal en-suite room with a shared kitchen to a self contained flat with its own bathroom and kitchen.

Good points

  • It’s brand new.
  • It’s got its own facilities. When fully completed it should have its own restaurant, shop and cinema room among other cool stuff.
  • It’s a short walk from campus.

Off-campus Accommodation

Rent price (weekly): Anything from £65-£150

So what are they? Accommodation which is roughly a 15-40 minute walk away from campus. Typically in either Wivenhoe or Greenstead and chosen by students in their second and third years. I currently live off campus in a shared house in Greenstead. It’s great as you get to choose who you live with and you get the experience of having your own home.

Good points

  • Safety Bus. This service runs at night for just £1 from 8 pm until the early hours of the morning and drops you off just outside your front door. Ideal if you need to get home late at night and you don’t fancy a walk home in the dark.
  • Great for independence. You get to choose who you live with and where you live.

Things to add

Only first years, international students and those returning from a year abroad are guaranteed University accommodation. Second and third years are guaranteed to choose this accommodation in their 2nd and 3rd years however the likelihood is that you’ll be put on a waiting list.

Student Lets are a great place to start if you want to look for student accommodation off campus as they are run by the Student’s Union. This means that the service is student focused and they won’t surprise you with any hidden fees.


Good luck with choosing your accommodation, I hope you find something you like! If you want any more information about accommodation then check out the University website or leave a comment below and I’ll try to answer it for you 🙂

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    • Hi Amos, thanks for your question. Our website states that ‘all full-time postgraduate students are guaranteed campus accommodation’, but for more information you may want to speak to our Student Services Hub on 01206 874000


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