Why Essex?

Over the next couple of months, thousands of A Level students will be receiving offers from their chosen universities and it will be time for you to start choosing which university you are going to select to be your firm choice.

So, why should you choose Essex as your firm choice?

Our Campus

As a small campus based university, the atmosphere at Essex is something you would struggle to find anywhere else! Compared to the larger campus based universities, we have the benefit of getting to know a large amount of people on campus. Every time you take a walk through our squares there’s no doubt you’ll bump into a friendly face! With such a close knit community on campus, there is always something going on across our squares, whether its the student market, fundraising stalls, live music or poster sales, there’s always a buzz around campus!



The Student Union

Our Student Union are on a mission like no other – a mission to become the world’s most student-centred organisation. Upon being accepted into the university, you will automatically become a member of our Student Union from day one. Your membership with Essex’s SU opens up a whole new world for you. The list of things that the SU provide for students is extensive and really a whole other subject, but just as an idea: you’ll be part of an organisation that organises amazing nights out throughout the week in our three on-campus venues; Sub Zero, SU Bar and Frangos, as well as giving you access to tonnes of student run societies and sports clubs, free advice for any of your worries, brilliant help in employment and careers advice, a new innovative ‘pop up shop’ space to try your hand at running your own business and a brand new creative studios space.




Societies and Sports

As mentioned above, our university is home to tonnes of societies and sports clubs for you to get involved with; over 120 societies and 45 sports clubs to be precise! Societies and Sports Clubs are an amazing way to meet new people, try something new and really make the most out of your time at Essex. With this amount of choice there is definitely something for everyone and if there isn’t anything that takes your fancy, then why not start up something new?! The SU is always welcoming new ideas for societies and new talent within sports, so you will receive all of the support you need to get your idea up and running.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 16.54.14Untitled1


Situated in the middle of Wivenhoe Park in Colchester, not only does Essex have the privilege of boasting a campus surrounded by a huge lake and a picturesque landscape, Colchester is also only an hour away from London on the train. So you have the advantage of enjoying the quiet nature around campus, as well as having the practicability of being just a short train ride from exploring the city of London. Colchester town is also another benefit available to students here at Essex; with the town centre only a bus ride away, you have unlimited access to countless shops, bars and restaurants.


A Global Family

Essex has one of the greatest exchange programmes, resulting in a campus full of students from every corner of the globe. The practicality of being close to London also increases the attractiveness of Essex for foreign students. With such a mixture of cultures, races and religions on campus, you will be constantly learning about new people and understanding their cultures. It’s a great opportunity to meet people from all walks of life; an opportunity you may not get elsewhere!



National Student Satisfaction Survey


Possibly most importantly, Essex has been voted 2nd for student satisfaction in the latest 2015 National Student Survey by students here at Essex. On top of this, Essex has found itself in the top ten for student satisfaction for the past three years in a row. If all of the reasons above weren’t enough to convince you to choose Essex, then at least take the advice from all of the students who voted for the university to land at 2nd place in the NSS!


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