Things to do now that you’ve received an offer to study at Essex

If you’ve recently received an offer to study at the University of Essex then congratulations! You’re now well on your way to coming to study here! However, your journey to getting to University is still far from over. Here’s a few things to do now that you’ve got your offer…


You’ve just been conditionally accepted to study at University! That’s definitely a reason to celebrate all the hard work you’ve put in to get this far! You’ve got most of the grades you need, done a dandy personal reference and some important people have been impressed so well done!



Come visit us!

If you haven’t done so already, then come down to the University and see for yourself what we’re all about! From my own personal experience, you can only get a true feeling for a place from visiting it! Whilst an open day is the perfect time to come and visit, the next one at the Colchester campus isn’t until the 18th June. However, the University does operate tours of the campus on request for anyone who wants one! On these tours you’ll be shown around the campus and selected accommodation by one of our Student Ambassadors and you might even get the chance to see a representative from your chosen department based on their availability. If you’re interested then give an email 🙂



Check us out online!

If you haven’t done so already, then check out the University website ( to find out about your course and what you’ll be studying at Essex. You can also find out about loads of other stuff like doing a year abroad, life on campus and any scholarships that you might be eligible for!

Also, take a look at our Student’s Union homepage ( On there you can find out about what events we’ve got coming up, all of the sports teams and societies that we have to offer and loads of other stuff about how the Student’s Union is giving students the best experience possible!



Decide your firm and insurance choices!

The next big decision you’ll have to face is to decide which of your offers you would like to select as your firm and insurance choices! Whilst you have until 4th May to accept your offers, it’s something which you’ll want to start thinking about now! When making your decision it’s worth talking about your options with your friends, parents and teachers, as they’ll know you the best and will be able help you! At the end of the day, you’ll have to spend at least the next three years of your life there so make sure that your decision is a good one!

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Start looking at accommodation

One of the things that you’ll have to do once you’ve accepted your offer is choose where you’re going to live! At the University of Essex, University accommodation is guaranteed for all 1st year students and is a great way to meet and get to know people! There’s loads of accommodation available for a variety of tastes so take a look! Also, have a look at my recent article on accommodation at Essex if you want to get a student’s perspective on the accommodation!



Focus on getting those grades!

Of course the big thing you have to do now is to actually get the grades so that your offer can be turned into an unconditional one! Get revising for those exams, work hard and you’ll hopefully have nothing to worry about come August time!

giphy (2)


Ask me!

I love a good question, so if you have anything you want to know about the University then I’ll be more than happy to help! Just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

I’m also really interested in writing blogs which you guys want to read, so if you have any suggestions then you can put that in the comments as well!

I hope everything goes well and that we’ll be seeing you at Essex very soon 🙂


4 thoughts on “Things to do now that you’ve received an offer to study at Essex

  1. okay thanks for the information and i am pleased to tell you that, i am an unconditional offer to read cognitive neuroscience PG at Essex. i Really want to know if accommodation is given to fresh PG students? thank you


    • Hi Amos! That’s great news! All full-time, fully registered, postgraduate students studying at Colchester or Southend campuses are guaranteed single accommodation for their first year of study, provided they return their application by the deadline date of 31 July 2016. Hope that helps and all the best 🙂


  2. Hi I had an conditional offer but now I am confused I got an invitation to a housewarming party at the university and it says congratulations on your offer you are invited to a housewarming to get you prepared for your new home.does that mean I am fully in, do they send the invitation to students they taking in or everyone


    • Hi Emmah, thanks for getting in touch. The best idea if you are currently unsure is to contact +441206 873666 they will be able to answer any questions you have and check everything for you.
      Hope that helps!


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