Life as a Postgraduate Student at Essex

Being a postgraduate student can sometimes mean that everything starts from the beginning, especially when a gap year has elapsed. After choosing the university at which you are about to continue your further studies, and after all the application procedures are finally sorted, the acceptance letter arrives and you are finally relieved of your stress – phew!

Welcome to the University of Essex! Get ready to be a member of a big family, even after you graduate from the university. BeFunky Collage.jpg



But your brain comes up with new worries – how is it to be a postgraduate student at Essex? Will I like the new environment? Will the new campus be like the previous one? How will the teaching staff be? How is the teaching process? How are the people there?

The University of Essex can be ideal for those who want to further their studies. There is indeed a wide range of masters, both taught and research, that candidates can choose from.  The facilities that are offered are convenient and suitable for a student use. Moreover, postgraduate students can choose to study online by choosing one of the qualified Online Distance Learning Masters, which can be equivalent to a degree that has been completed at the university’s premises. The candidates can choose between: MBA programs, masters degrees in business online and masters degrees in health online.

Not only this, but the below lists just some of the benefits of doing your postgraduate study at Essex:

The New Postgraduate Study Room

A new section in the Albert Sloman’s Library ground floor has been especially created for the postgraduate students. This additional section is a spacious, modern and quiet study room, including desks and seats for the students. It is exactly opposite the lift, just any case the students want to move to another floor. You have to scan your student card to enter and exit the room, as it is strictly permitted to be used by postgraduates only.

pg study


Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Common Room

This is a meeting space for all graduate students from across the University. Its location is room 5. 401 and it is easily accessible from the Mathematics entrance off Square 2. The students can enjoy comfortable, informal seating, there are tea and coffee facilities, a microwave and newspapers which are delivered daily.


‘’Ask a Postgraduate’’ scheme

The ‘’Ask a Postgraduate’’ scheme is available to provide the prospective and current postgraduate students the opportunity to ask current postgraduate students questions and also to discuss issues about the life and the experience of studying at Essex.

It is most likely that once you arrive at Essex as a postgraduate student, feeling like a completely new student at the university, you will have questions related to several aspects of your studies here and about the university (teaching procedure, accommodation payment process, dissertation guidance and tips and advice in general).

This is the best opportunity to ask anything you need to know! Moreover,  students are not precluded from asking questions thereafter or during the academic year.

Below is the link where you can search through the mentor profiles, to see who might be able to help you best. Whilst they are organised by faculty, you don’t have to choose someone from the same department as you, if you think someone else might know a little more on the topic of your question:

Postgraduate Open Evenings

Postgraduate Fortnight

This is a fortnight of events which is devoted to the students who are looking to study a Masters or PhD. It will take place both at the Colchester and Southend campuses, from the 22nd of February until the 4th of March 2016. Information will be provided about the study fees through talks and also about the transition from being an undergraduate student, to a postgraduate.

The attendees will be able to enjoy refreshments as well!

You can view more information about the Postgraduate Fortnight here:

An International University

Essex welcomes students from more than 130 countries of the world! Having a global outlook and reputation for teaching and research, Essex constitutes one of the UK’s most internationally diverse campus universities.

Being a postgraduate here means that you are introduced to new cultures, new friends and maybe influence you into starting to learn a new language. Not only that, but a student can find homogenous students at Essex and thus will never feel alone!


Personal Experience

My experience as a postgraduate law student at Essex is very unique indeed; I have never regretted my choice and I can say that I am really satisfied with my studies so far! The teaching process is very efficient and helpful, as students enjoy the professional teaching methods of the lecturers and tutors. My lectures and seminars last 2 hours and I have days off uni within the week as well, so I’m able to find time to do my work, as well as have some time to myself.

I have made so many new friends and I even grew closer to my old undergraduate classmates too! There are a plenty of facilities that I can use here at the uni and so many activities to get involved in, as well as a great nightlife to enjoy. Plus, London is only one hour away, so I can go as often as I like!


These are just a few reasons to consider Essex for your postgraduate study (not to mention the stunning views)!


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