The benefits of going to University

Better future job prospects

When employers are looking through applicants CV’s, someone with a bachelor degree or higher is more likely to get a job than someone who does not. However, it is not always about the degree or grade, it is also about the extra-curricular activities that you take part in.

For example, the Big Essex Award is put on your transcript and being a member of sports clubs or societies shows employers that you have other skills that are needed for the job.

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Below are just some of the things that uni has to offer:


Meet new people

At University you will make so many new friends who are from different countries and have different backgrounds. For example, the University of Essex has 12,000 international students from over 130 different countries. You will learn so much more about the world by speaking to new people and hearing about their experiences. You can also gain useful networks for the future. Friends that you make at University you can have for life, whether they are from your course, sports team, or society, or if you live with them then they become more like family!



Gain independence

A lot of students move away from home, where they are used to having their cooking, food shopping, washing and cleaning done for them. However, when moving to uni you have to learn these skills. It is all about time and money management. You have to find time to do these jobs during the week in between studying and socialising, and manage your money well so you still have enough to survive by the end of the year!

Also, unlike school or college, that you attend for set periods of time and get a lot of help and guidance from teachers, at uni you become more independent and arrange your own study time. Outside of lectures and classes you have a lot of free time and this has to be split between studying and socialising, making sure that you have enough studying time to meet deadlines and revise for any exams.



Finding new interests

At university there are such a wide range of extra curricular activities. It could be learning a language, playing a new sport or joining a society. Finding a new interest is great because it could be something that you can add to your CV and it can make you stand out more to employers. Aside from this it is a great break from studying and a way to meet new people by doing something that you enjoy.


Those are just a couple of reasons, but if you have the feeling that you would enjoy uni, then go for it!

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