All about being a Computer Science student

Hello, everyone! Today I will be giving a quick overview over my course: Computer Science (including year abroad).

Being a student in Computer Science is a lot of fun, you get to learn so many new things and also see your ideas come to life.

Benefits of being part of the CSEE department:

  • Exclusive laboratories: All  Computer Science students have access to 6 labs that can only be accessed by students of the department and also a few laboratories that have specialised hardware or software. We are very lucky to have our own labs, but we are free to also use the labs across the university from other departments.
  • Your own personal tutor: This is an academic member of staff from our department. Your personal tutor can help you with regards to academic matters and that includes finding out what opportunities are available to you, providing you with guidance with your module choices and academic progress.
  • Peer mentoring scheme: A peer mentor is a student in our department that is either in his/her second- or third-year and that helps with providing students in the years below with guidance from their perspective regarding both academic and non-academic matters. If you are going to be a first-year student, you can sign up to the scheme at the beginning of your first term and you will have a peer mentor assigned to you.
  • Awesome lectures and assignments:  The lectures are engaging and they provide you with the theoretical knowledge that will be needed for the practical exercises.  Having a mix of both individual and teamwork projects means that you are well prepared for a job after graduation.
  • Part-time jobs and internships: You can gain valuable experience by working as a frontrunner in one of the departments, sections and administrative areas of the University.  It is a great chance to put what you have learnt in lectures into practice and also earn some pocket money! Essex Interns can help you find part-time while you study, as well as throughout summer vacation or for longer periods (maximum length of 12 months). 

peer mentoring interships

As a Computer Science student, I got involved in a few activities to support both the students and the department. In my second year, I was a CSEE course representative where I was the voice of the Computer Science students and actively participated in meetings with the department to help students have the best experience at university. Furthermore, as Visit Day Student Ambassador I got to speak in front of large audiences about the great experience that I have had as a Computer Science student. Lastly, I took initiative to bring back to life the Computer Society at the Colchester campus. As the Essex Computer Society President, I have collaborated with both the British Computer Society and Students’ Union, to ensure that those interested in the society can benefit from being a member and, as a result, the society is still going strong today.

Furthermore, I have been to Konstanz, Germany for my year abroad and focused on a particular area in Computer Science: Data Mining. This lead to me getting involved in a Big Data Challenge on and I participated in a Parallel Data Mining seminar, which allowed me to put in practice the skills learned throughout my classes at the University of Konstanz.

There are so many things you get can involved in and make a difference to while studying. My degree provided me with knowledge and confidence to achieve all of the things I had in my mind.  If you are not afraid to give up at the first hurdle and you want to really challenge yourself, Essex is the place for you!


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