The University of Essex Bucket List

Sometimes, it can feel like you have been at uni forever and you can’t imagine ever leaving. Then all of a sudden, it’s graduation time again and hundreds of new graduates fly the university nest to the next phase of their lives. But, for those of you that are still lucky enough to be here (whether you are graduating this year or not), I have a set of 10 things for you to do before you leave. This is all about having fun, so go ahead, grab your friends and tick them off your uni bucket list!

  1. Feed the birds! Campus wouldn’t be the same without its feathery inhabitants and, though this may seem like a simple enough thing to do, throwing bread for them can be a pretty scary experience when they all come crowding round! I guarantee you’ll be laughing when you’re surrounded by hundreds of hungry ducks. Plus, in spring they all have their babies with them and they are adorable!Ducks on the lake
  2.  Get digging: did you know that there is a campus garden? It is located right behind the Wivenhoe House Hotel and it is a great way to spend an afternoon away from the stress of  the exams and coursework.  Get in touch with the Essex Campus Garden to ask them how you can help out and whether you can plant a few flowers or veggies.Campus Garden logo and veggies picture
  3. Nurture the nature: aside from the ducks, campus has so much nature which is beautiful to capture on camera. Make memories of peaceful afternoons sat on the grass, or lazy mornings strolling along the Wivenhoe trail, by getting photos of the most beautiful parts of campus. There are plenty of fluffy friends that you can photograph too, from cheeky squirrels to hopping bunnies!
  4. Take an interest in your friends interests: try something you’d never even thought of and join the lecture of a friend in a completely different subject. It might sound a bit uninspiring, but it’s great to learn more about your friends, as well as to learn about something you may never have considered. Its amazing how much your interests change over your time at uni; you may even discover a new love of a subject you used to hate at school.
  5. Show off what you’ve got: unleash your hidden talents by joining a karaoke, or quiz night. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be the next Jessie J or Stephen Hawking, but these nights can be a great laugh and are a perfect opportunity to show off some skill (or lack of it)! Have a look on the Students’ Union website for upcoming events.
  6. Before the sun sets on your time at uni, get a picture of the real thing: capture those truly breath taking sunsets that we get here. Whether you’e by the lake, or walking past the Towers, the sun setting can offer some spectacular views and colourful skies and its moments like that, that are worth saving.Sunset - Colchester Campus
  7.  Eat al-fresco: fill up a basket and go for a picnic on one of the many green areas on campus. There is nothing nicer than sitting out in the sun (when it finally gets here) with your friends, listening to your favourite songs and eating some of your favourite foods. Plus, you all chip in on the food, which means it is one cheap meal out!picnic
  8. Mix it up with your sports: our campus is one of the few places in the country that still has the disc golf baskets, which you have most probably seen while out and about. Get some some competition going amongst your friends and have a game of this rare, but fun sport! You can contact the Sports’ Centre to ask to play some Frisbee golf.Frisbee on campus
  9.  Have a watery BBQ..! Enjoy a BBQ by the lake on campus with your friends and have a lovely, sunny, food-filled afternoon. Again, this is a great opportunity to all chip in to get some nice food together and have a cheap but delicious meal out.
  10.  A complete must: attend “the End party” in order to celebrate the end of exams and enjoy the lovely weather in June. This is the time to reward yourself for all the hard work that you have put towards your degree and of course celebrate accordingly. And here is me with a few friends having a lot fun at “the End party” in 2014.The End Party 2014

But remember to have fun and bring your friends to try out all of these challenges!

See you soon and good luck 🙂

Photo Credit: The second image belongs to the University of Essex Campus Garden.


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