Part time jobs on campus

When you’re a student money is usually tight, so having a part time job can help with everyday expenses. It also (hopefully) gives you a bit of extra money to spend, so you don’t have to live on supermarket value noodles all year round!

I’ve compiled a selection of the types of jobs that are available on campus and how you can apply for them. There are two main employers at the University of Essex, the University itself and the Students’ Union, so I have listed both here for you.

University of Essex


One of the most common jobs at University is to be a student ambassador. There are two main types of ambassador: a student ambassador and a Visit Day ambassador. A student ambassador will work Open Days and give tours to prospective students, whereas a Visit Day ambassador will (unsurprisingly) give tours on Visit Days. Generally Visit Day ambassadors are recruited through their department, for example I am a Visit Day ambassador for the Psychology department. This means that I take prospective students on tours of the University and then back to the Psychology department where I might give a talk. You can find out more about what it’s like to be a Visit Day ambassador here.

How to apply: All student ambassador vacancies will be on CareerHub. Check on CareerHub for Visit Day ambassador vacancies or contact your departments Director of Open Days and Conversion. To find out more about working as a Visit Day Ambassador, email



Frontrunner placements are a great way to get hands on experience whilst at the same time getting paid! I personally did a placement in Marketing and Digital Media and absolutely loved it, it’s made me realise that I would really enjoy working in marketing after University. If you have little or no previous work experience in the area you are applying for, then a Frontrunner placement is a great idea. However, there are also Frontrunner plus placements which are aimed at students who have either already completed a Frontrunner placement, or that have previous work experience that they wish to develop upon. It’s also worth nothing that once you have completed a Frontrunner plus placement, you are not able to apply for Frontrunner level placements any longer.

How to apply: Apply through this website.

Employability and Careers Centre

You can also work for the Employability and Careers Centre at the University. Jobs range from office work, to promoting the services that the ECC provides, to working on the Big Essex Award.

How to apply: Apply through CareerHub.

Employability and Careers

Students’ Union

The range of jobs that the SU offers is too vast to go into great detail, so here are the main jobs:

  • Bar staff – SU Bar, Top Bar, Level Up or Sub Zero
  • Shop assistants – The Store, The Kitchen, The Burrow and Everything Essex
  • Kitchen roles and waiting staff – Frango’s
  • Office jobs – Reception, Advice Centre or Finance
  • Photography, graphic design, copy writing – Promotions and Marketing
  • Crew roles – Events and Entertainments

As you can see there is a huge variety of jobs that the SU offers, but hopefully most are pretty self explanatory.

How to apply: Apply through the SU website.

The Store

There is a huge variety of other jobs on campus that I haven’t written about; cleaning staff, alumni fund callers, registration assistants. To find out more about these take a look here.

Good luck with your applications!

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