New student nurse vlog

If you are contemplating studying nursing at university, or if you are already a student nurse, then Bev and Nicki’s new vlog will give you the helping hand you need to see how other student nurses handle the stresses and pressures of this course. With their very unique approach, the two girls have set up a vlog filled with helpful information and guidance, as well as lots of humour (and dancing)!

No matter what your stage of study, these girls are offering their honest insight into the world of nursing and its ever-changing challenges.

We caught up with the girls to ask them a couple of questions about their course and their new vlog project.

What inspired you to do nursing?

For me, it was the broad possibilities of different types of nursing that attracted me to do adult nursing in particular. This career path means I can travel and work anywhere in the world, doing what I love; cruise ships, the army, the NHS or private hospitals etc. You don’t really get many jobs like that.

What made you start this vlog? What are you hoping to achieve with it?

We started the vlog, because going into this course we had no idea what to expect. They do warn you at the interview stage how difficult and fast the course is, but for us, we realised that our whole lives had to change in order to do this. Leaving our jobs, moving to a different city, readjusting again to everything new. It’s scary and exciting! So, we just wanted to make sure other new nurses could see what it’s like and what they might have to do.

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone considering doing nursing now, or anyone starting out this year, what would it be?

Be sure this is what you want to do. It’s an amazing course that will change you, if you give 100% in everything. It’s tough, really tough, but the experience overrides all negatives. Being open minded is a must as well and be willing to learn in different ways, because there’s no one way to learn, it’s really diverse. I love it.


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