5 Reasons to Study Abroad

The prospect of studying abroad can be a little daunting for everyone. No matter how confident someone may seem on the outside, moving to an entirely different country is certainly a scary prospect and everyone is as nervous . That said, it’s also incredibly exciting and since the University of Essex allows you to study abroad for a year at no extra cost, I believe the following reasons make this opportunity one that should not be missed!

  • Different style of Education

When studying abroad, you are able to study a wider variety of modules that they do not offer at your home university. For example, in Melbourne I chose to study Fashion Merchandising Marketing, which wasn’t an option for me at home. This can help to widen your knowledge of the industry you wish to work in in the future.

  • See more of the world

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to explore a whole new country. If you have any breaks during the term or summer holidays, then it is a great opportunity to travel. There are usually great student deals around and the university you are studying at may even offer day trips at a cheaper price. I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel all around Australia, having some amazing experiences along the way.


  • Learn about a new culture

Living somewhere completely new for a year gives you a great insight into a different culture. You come to learn new words that you haven’t heard before; no one in Australia had a clue what I was talking about when I said the word ‘hoover’! You are also going to meet other exchange or Study Abroad students from around the world, so not only do you learn about the culture of the country you are studying, but also others from around the world!


  • Improve your employment opportunities

Studying abroad shows that you can be independent and are willing to explore and willing to learn. This is not just a fantastic opportunity, but an excellent achievement to have on your CV. You may even find job opportunities where you are studying and return once you have graduated!


  • Make friends from around the world

Studying abroad gives you the chance to build networks and relationships across the globe. I have made friends from places such as Australia, America, Mexico and Spain. I have already made plans to visit some of them this summer!


I would totally recommend studying abroad; there are so many advantages to it! If you have any more queries about studying abroad then I have written many other blogs about my exchange experience on the ‘I am Essex’ blog page 🙂

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