How to keep going, when the going gets tough at University

As the end of my three year degree at this university is approaching, I really wanted to share with you all what has kept me going during the times where I have felt stressed and lonely, the times where I have felt that things are getting on top of me.

It is natural for us all to feel like this at some point during our time at university, but what’s important is that we have our individual ways of getting through the difficult times. It’s good for us to have our things that keep us going, so in case you aren’t sure what works for you, here are a few of mine:

Calling home

This is something that I find really effective when I am feeling down and need a boost. Being the second child in my family to go to university, my mother knew way before I did that I would be calling up in tears sometimes, not knowing what to do or how to deal with all the different things going on. She has always dealt with these phone calls wonderfully, letting me talk first about everything going on so I can get it out of my system and then she’ll give me a couple of pointers and spend the rest of the call telling me all about what our budgies got up to that day and telling me some funny stories about my sister to try and cheer me up. It is always a relief knowing that no matter how down I am, that happiness is only a phone call away and it’s little home comforts like that that make stressful times bearable.

Weekly socials


Joining societies and sports clubs is something that has been key for me over these few years. Weekly socials are something that really keep me going at uni; after a stressful week of deadlines and revision, nothing helps me unwind more than spending time with friends at a social. Whether its having a drink, going for a meal, playing pool or going on a night out, spending a bit of time once a week with people I love hanging out with does wonders in helping all the stress disappear.

Me time!

One of the important things that many people don’t realise when they go to uni, is that you don’t have to be spend every single minute either studying or hanging out with friends. Having some time to yourself now and again is allowed and it’s good for you! When I first started at uni, I never took any time out for myself, I was either working or socialising and eventually it really drained me. I came back in second year determined to not let that happen again, so I started taking some time out each week just for me. I went out and treated myself to my favourite cake, or I stayed in and learnt how to cook something new. Sometimes even just staying in bed watching some T.V on my laptop can make me feel so much more relaxed. I have learnt to enjoy my own company and not just reply on everyone else to make me happy and that is so important for people to do.

So here was just a few things that keep me going when I’m stressed out and feeling down at uni. If you are feeling like this, then why not give one of these a go? (Or all of them!)

Do you have something that keeps you going when you are feeling stressed or down? Then share it with me by commenting below!

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