7 ways to spring into step this Spring!

The start of the year saw everyone making new year’s resolutions, with determination to stick to them and achieve whatever they hoped for. As the long winter rolled on though, a lot of us didn’t manage to keep up with our resolutions and now we have to feel guilty about not going to the gym, or not doing as much work as we swore we would! However, the approach of Spring offers new hope and the chance for a fresh start. Here, I have 7 suggestions that will definitely get you re-started with your awesome plans for the year.

  1. Start your day with 5 minutes of simple stretching exercises.  This will undoubtedly help to improve flexibility and also lower stress levels.  By doing this, you’ll be ready to start your day.
    stretching movement
  2. Instead of coffee, try switching to a cup of green tea or your preferred herbal tea in a morning. It is going to be much easier on the stomach and by adding some slices of lemon, you are one step ahead from getting a cold.
  3. Stay away from sugar-based snacks and try out something different, like these delicious cocoa and peanut butter balls. You can make quite a big batch for the entire weak ahead and have them whenever you need a pick me up during the day. To get the recipe please follow this link.Cocoa balls
  4. If working out is one your goals for this year, then something to help you is to plan what you’re going to do and then write it down on your calendar.  It will be so satisfying to be able to tick it off an workout after completing it! But remember to start of small and then do more and more as you go along, you’ll be amazed at the difference to your fitness and how well you feel.
  5. There is a common saying that writing down your goals will help you remember them and also increase the likelihood of actually achieving them. Break your goals down into categories and underneath each one write something that you would like to achieve under that category. Here are some of the things I have written down for this part.Bianca's 2016 goals
  6. Drinking more water is one of those things that can be easily forgotten. Something to help you drink more during the day is to fill up 3-4 bottles of water. Drink one when you wake up, take one with you on the go and drink the rest when you get back home,  or refill as needed. Add some fruit to your water to add a little flavour.  Again, this will help your well being no end and will reduce cravings for unhealthy food!water with fruit
  7. Keep positive and remind yourself every day that you are capable of doing all those things you’ve got in mind and that you are going to achieve them!You can do it

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