Answering worries from parents about going to University

For a lot of parents, the thought of their children leaving home to go to University can be a daunting one. You have watched your children grow for about 18 years and now they are suddenly being whisked away as University calls them. As a Student Ambassador at the University, I have dealt with countless worried parents on campus tours who are anxious about their child embarking on University life. So, to save you the same stress, I can hopefully answer a few of your questions now, before you get too panicked!

Is the University campus secure?

At the Colchester campus, security is on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to ensure all students and staff safety on campus. Based in the centre of campus in the Information centre on Square 3, the team are really friendly and helpful and will do everything they can to make everyone feel safe. Whether it be walking students back to their accommodation at night if they feel vulnerable, or directing them to a building if they’re lost; they will do everything in their power to make sure that students are safe at all times. There are also CCTV cameras dotted all over the place which are monitored constantly, as well as emergency telephones, should someone need to contact them in a hurry.



What if my child needs help overnight?

When all of the University services are closed overnight, Nightline ensures that there is always a place that students can go if they have any worries, no matter what time of the night. Based near the centre of campus at the ground floor of Keynes Tower, the service is on hand every night during term time from 10 pm until 8 am. The service currently offers…

  • A confidential listening service
  • Free tea and toast
  • Emergency accommodation for students who cannot get home.
  • Free condoms
  • Camp bed hire
  • Pregnancy tests and panic alarms (for a small charge)
  • A detox room for students who are not in a condition to get home safely.

Essex Nightline

If you would like any more information about the service, take a look at the link below…

Who can my child go to if they have any questions or need help?

The Student Services Hub in the Silberrad Student Centre is the place to go if students want to find out any information about the University whether it be accommodation, funding, or getting help with exam stress. The Hub is staffed by trained professionals, who offer impartial advice in the aim to make students’ time at Essex the best it possibly can be!


My child’s quite messy! How are they going to cope when they get to University?

The majority of first years live in campus accommodation, which is visited by its own dedicated cleaning team throughout the week. As part of your child’s rent, all of the communal areas are covered, with the kitchen and the shared bathrooms being cleaned several times a week. Furthermore, bin bags are taken out every day from Monday to Friday and everything is usually done to a really high standard. That being said, students can’t rely on the cleaners to do their washing up or to tidy their room for them!



The Towers look a bit scary! How can so many people possibly live in one flat?

The Towers are really not as terrifying as they might seem and are in fact the most popular type of student accommodation. Once you get over how “unique” the building looks, it is a really nice place to live! Students in the towers live with 12-16 people depending on the flat and share facilities. From living in Bertrand Russell tower in my first year, I can confidently say that this type of accommodation has the best social atmosphere and is perfect for making friends really quickly! It’s also the cheapest accommodation on campus with prices starting from £76.93 a week, so it’s well worth considering them!

flat kitchen

What if my child has a problem with their flatmates?

There is a Resident’s Assistant (RA) that is based in each of area of accommodation, whose role it is to get to know their residents, encourage communication and organise a range of social activities. They also aim to respond to any concerns and complaints residents may have quickly and sensitively.


Who can my child go to to talk about their course?

All students are allocated a member of staff from their department to be their personal tutor, who students can contact at any time to discuss any issues. Whether it be about their course or any general issues, their personal tutor should be on hand to point them in the right direction. Students are introduced to their personal tutors in the first few days following arrival.

Similarly, in the first few days students are also introduced to their peer mentor. Like their personal tutor, they can talk to their peer mentor, who are 2nd or 3rd year students, if they have any problems or queries.

peer mentoring

I hope this has helped and that you now have less worries about your child going to University. If you have any questions that I haven’t answered, then comment blow and I’ll be more than happy to answer them personally!

2 thoughts on “Answering worries from parents about going to University

  1. Hey there,
    This actually proved really to alleviate some stress, thanks! What I m interested in is knowing what the noise levels are like in the towers. I m more of a quiet person and while the practicality of the towers seems attractive, i generally prefer spending leasure time in nature or somewhere quiet.


    • Hi Stefan,

      Glad to hear that the blog was helpful!

      In terms of the noise in towers, when you live with up to 16 people in a flat, it will inevitably be a little noisy sometimes. In general it isn’t too bad in my opinion but it does depend on who your flatmates are! Towers are great if you enjoy living in a space with a great social atmosphere but you can always hide away in your bedroom if you’re not feeling up to it!

      I would reiterate though that living in the towers means that you are right at the heart of campus and next to some wonderful spots. If you enjoy spending your time somewhere quiet then we do have a beautiful lake/woodland area where you can chill out!

      However the Towers are most definitely not for everyone. Some people prefer South Courts and the Houses which are still in the centre of campus but you live with far less people. I would say that if you’re undecided then just go for Towers now and then you can always transfer to somewhere else if you don’t enjoy it!

      Hope this answers your question 🙂



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