7 tips to a better Easter Break

Hi, everyone! So it is the Easter holiday and the last thing on your mind is work or revision. I have prepared for you some quick ways to have fun during the break, but also how to start a bit early with any of the work you may have to do before the start of exams.

  1. If you are staying on campus during the break, have a look at the activities that are put up on the Student’s Union What’s On web page. It is a great opportunity to try a new sport/activity and meet other students that are staying on campus during the break as well.
  2.  No need to worry for those that have gone home because I have got another good tip. My best advice is to organize a quick trip with friends. This is the best way to reconnect with them but also to see some new things. It does not need to be too far away or too expensive in order to have a lot fun and de-stress.  Here is picture from one of my trips around South Germany that may serve as inspiration.Germany first trip
  3. Now I have a suggestion that you may not want to hear because it is related to something that we need to do, but perhaps don’t want to do during the holidays, and that is revision.  The best thing is obviously to start revising early so that you are definitely prepared for the exams. But if you really can’t bring yourself to do that yet, then the best you can do is to write down when and where your exams are going to take place. You can then start to organize the materials that you are going to need for revising. If you are feeling extra productive then make yourself a revision schedule to help you conquer those exams.
  4. Relax! Why not read a new book or listen to a new series? My top 2 recommendations are a book and a podcast: Influx by Daniel Suarez (imagine a world where new technology inventions are kept away from the citizens in order to “protect” them, rather interesting I thought so) and Serial Season 1 (an analysis over a murder case that you will keep completely hooked for the entire length of the series).  Serial CoverInflux Cover
  5. Set yourself a challenge. This could be to start learning a new language, or do more exercise. Going to the gym can be a great option, but if you are on a tight budget then why not try some quick exercises at home? During the break of your favourite TV series, try a minute of jumping rope, or jogging on the spot. This will get your heart rate up a bit and make your feel more energized. I have written down some of the exercises that I would like to do on some sticky notes and after I finish one I just simply remove it from my notebook.1 minute exercises
  6. Try cooking a nice meal and invite over some friends/family. Holidays are the perfect excuse to dive into something indulgent and reward yourself for all the hard work. Tom's gif
  7. If you always wanted to learn more about a certain topic, but not necessarily feel pressured by taking a test or exam at the very end, then completing a free online course during the break could be the perfect thing to try.  Have a look at the following two websites and see if there is anything that you like: Coursera and Udemy.

I hope these tips inspire you to try out some of the things that I have mentioned and remember to make the most out of your Easter Break!


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