Part time jobs off campus

Following on from my blog post about the types of part time work available on campus I thought it would be useful to also write about the jobs that are available off campus. As it would be impossible for me to write about every single off campus job, I have categorised them into type of work.

Retail assistant

If you would like to work in retail, then the best place to start looking is in town. Larger department stores generally advertise their vacancies on their websites, whereas smaller shops often advertise vacancies in their shop windows. It is worth taking a folder of CVs to town and handing these out (take a look at the Essex CV pack first to make sure your CV is up to scratch). I used to work in Superdry in town and applied for my job online through the Superdry website. Other retail work can be found at out-of-town shopping areas such as Tollgate, but these are harder to travel to on public transport.


Supermarket assistant

There are lots of supermarkets in Colchester that employ students, so these are a great place to apply to jobs.

  • Town: Small Sainsburys and Tesco Express
  • Near University: Tesco ( 15 minute walk/5 minute bus journey) and Waitrose (30 minute walk/10 minute drive)
  • Wivenhoe: Co-op

There are other supermarkets in Colchester, but these are the ones I think most students would live near enough to work at.

My first part time job was in Waitrose and I would really recommend looking for a supermarket job if you don’t have much work experience. As far as I am aware, all of these supermarkets advertise their job vacancies online.



Colchester has a large number of restaurants in town and so working as a waiter/waitress is a popular job. Some shifts may include late hours, so it is worth checking if you would have a means of transport to get home if you’re likely to be working late into the night.

Some perks of working in a restaurant can include free meals and tips! There are some out-of-town restaurants in Colchester, but these are mainly in Tollgate. Large chain restaurants will hire online, whereas smaller independent restaurants will be more likely to expect you to drop in a CV.



If you don’t mind late hours, then working in a pub or bar could be the job for you. If you have a local pub then head in with your CV, as pubs are very unlikely to hire online. If you live off campus then you might have a pub down the road from you so that could make a short commute to work. There are pubs and bars in town that you could also apply for, but bear in mind that buses usually stop at around midnight at the weekend.


There are lots more jobs available in Colchester, for example: working at the Zoo, or at Rollerworld, or at the Castle! My advice is to apply to as many jobs online as you can and then print out some CVs and head to the places you would love to work, but haven’t seen vacancies for online. Keep in mind that some shops won’t accept CVs if they advertise their roles online, as they will want you to use the online application process. That said, looking keen won’t damage your chances of getting a job!


I would also recommend looking on the website indeed, as they often signpost you to shop roles advertised online. You can browse by area, so you can search for all of the part time jobs advertised in Colchester.

Good luck!

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