The University of Essex Bucket list

At the end of the day, you probably only have three or four years at the University of Essex so you need to make the most of it! There’s loads of stuff to do at University and you might struggle to do absolutely everything whilst you’re here. But to get started, here’s 50 things that you should to before you graduate…

  1. Try out the Frisbee golf coursefrisbee golf
  2. Have a BBQ by the lakes to celebrate finishing your examsuniversityofessex_thelake
  3. Find the secret garden!secret garden
  4. Go to ‘Milk It’ on a Monday evening and pretend you’re a child again – even if it’s just once!
  5. Join a society or a sports team or start one up – the more random the better!
  6. Go to a Just Play session – again the more random the better!21651569209_8a5ebda22f_h
  7. Do a languages for all course
  8. Get a job on campus
  9. Push yourself to do something new
  10. Find campus cat – petting and feeding is optional campus cat
  11. See a film at our on campus cinema, Cine 10
  12. Walk to Wivenhoe along the Wivenhoe trail wivenhoe
  13. Take part in the Holi festival holi paint festival
  14. Experience another culture
  15. Learn how to be an “adult” – learn how to do boring stuff like washing and cleaning.
  16. Have Christmas dinner with your housemates meal
  17. Get lost in a random corridor trying to find your lecture in room 5.S685 or whatever. Find out later that you should have just used the find your way app! smartphone
  18. Go on tour with a sports team or society prague trip
  19. Learn how to manage your student loan and not spend it all in the first few weeks!
  20. Get your friends from back home to visit you!
  21. Go to a lecture that has nothing to do with your subject
  22. Go to the THINK lectures and challenge your opinions rter
  23. See a show at the Lakeside Theatre WhyILoveMyCourse3
  24. Get a pie on the No. 64 bus outside the student centre PlacesToEat5
  25. Get driven to insanity by the amount of deadlines you have
  26. Stay up all night to watch all the big moments of the year with your friends: Eurovision, the UK elections, the US elections, the Superbowl etc.
  27. Go to Fresher’s Fair – get as much free stuff as you can! Oh and join a few societies and sports teams as well of course! Freshers Fair
  28. Go to the Winter Fayre – get a picture in the photobooth! winter friends
  29. Spend a silly amount on posters at the start of the year – your room will thank you later! Posters at Uni
  30. Get a cake from the Thursday market on the squares
  31. Hand in an essay early – or not…
  32. Work in every computer lab on campus – #labsontour
  33. Cheer on the blades at Derby day derby day netball
  34. Visit the Employability and Careers centre for really helpful stuff about getting a job Employability and Careers
  35. Consider doing a year abroad/placement year
  36. Raid the free bar at your department’s Christmas party and be amazed by your lecturers dance moves whilst you watch from afar…
  37. Dress up all fancy and have afternoon tea at Wivenhoe House 8485376475_fe05818bcf_o
  38. Dress up all fancy and have a sneaky Frango’s
  39. Take part in a protest Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 16.21.39
  40. Become a peer mentor
  41. Prank a housemate
  42. Go to the End
  43. Go to Summer Ball
  44. Get your SU heirloom at the start of the year!
  45. Have something to eat at all of the catering outlets on campus – there’s a lot of them…
  46. Take part in a psychology experiment – it’s very quick and easy money!
  47. Place a lock on the life lock wall outside of LTB!
  48. Make use of your student discount!
  49. Make your own unique memories
  50. Make your own bucket list and try and do it!

Good luck in completing your Essex bucket list! I’m sure I’ve missed a few things off so if you think I should add something then leave a comment below







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