How I dealt with homesickness

For most of us, going to university is the first time we live away from home for a long period of time. Growing up I was always the one to avoid spending too much time away from home, I even refused to go on that week long school trip to the Isle of Wight in year 6 because I couldn’t face even one night away from my family, let alone a week! Skip to September 2013, arrivals day at the University of Essex, and my first night away from home. Honestly, I was an absolute mess that night and I cried for ages and ages, both alone in my room and on the phone to my mum. That feeling passed incredibly quickly, and I went on to having some amazing experiences and created very special memories. Although throughout these three years the homesickness feeling does appear at times, I have found three effective ways to deal with it, and that is what I would like to share with you all today.


The most effective way to combat homesickness has to be just socialising. It distracts me from missing home and allows me to have fun and meet new people with similar interests! Anything from having a chat with a flatmate, to going along to society social, to joining a sport works amazingly to lift up spirits! Have a look at the SU societies, sports clubs, Just Play and Whats On pages here to find something that works for you 🙂



Just play:

Whats on:


(Take up a new activity, like rock climbing!)

Call or visit home

For the times when I am feeling intensely homesick, I find that just picking up the phone and calling home and just having a chat with my family is enough to make me feel better. I also have friends who go home for a weekend now and again when they are really missing home and they come back feeling refreshed. I do recommend getting in touch, whether it is a call or a visit, because most of the time you’ll find you are being missed at home too, so getting in touch won’t just help you, but will also help your family too!

Keep busy!

Most of the time when I am feeling homesick it is mainly because I’m just not doing anything, and being bored makes me miss being with my family at home. In these cases, just going out and doing something helps, whether it being a shopping trip or getting some uni work done, or just even just going for a walk or a run. There are plenty of beautiful places to explore, so find something you like doing and keep occupied! You’ll find that you won’t have the time to miss home if you are busy and then the time will fly until your next visit home!

I hope these three little tricks will help you if you’re feeling a little blue!

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