How O-week in Australia compares to Freshers

This week I am going to be blogging about how O-week in Australia compares to Freshers in the UK, however I feel that it can be very different for every uni. O-week stands for Orientation week and, like Fresher’s week, this happens at the beginning of the year, before the academic side of uni begins.

O-week, Melbourne, Australia.

At my university in Melbourne I have a O-week hosted by my accommodation, where you buy a wristband and have a different event on every night at a different club in the city. They arrange themes, such as a Rubix’s Cube party or Anything but Clothes party, where you have to make your own costume out of anything but clothes. During the day they also put on events, for example we went to the trampoline park one day and also we have events going on in our accommodation courtyard.

The university itself in Melbourne also has it’s own O-week, however as no one actually lives on campus, it is a very different experience to Essex. The university only has events going on in the day, such as free food, drinks and performances from students. They also have welcome talks for new or international students. They don’t really offer any night events for students, as most students live at home and have to commute into the city, so they sometimes struggle to get public transport home.


Freshers, Essex

The University of Essex Freshers offers two weeks of nights out in Sub Zero, the night club on campus. It is a great way to meet new people from your accommodation and to make new friends who aren’t necessarily on your course.

Generally, there are also events going on in the squares on campus during the day. There is the Fresher’s fair, where you can go along to find out about and sign up to any clubs or societies that you wish. If you are part of a club or society already, then it is also great fun to go along and encourage people to sign up! There are also lots of freebies given out on this day, which is always good!


O-week and Freshers are both great ways to meet new friends. I would definitely recommend getting a wristband and enjoying it, before the university work begins!

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