How to Organise your Revision

Summer term is a strange time of year…especially for anyone in their final year – you want to make the most of your time left with your school or uni friends before the summer break, but you also want to do well in your exams.  It’s tough, but there is a way of managing to do both and it starts with getting organised! Its time to start planning your time carefully and ensuring you’ve revised all your topics in detail.

Important things to bear in mind for exam time:

  1. Prepare – plan out your time so you get equal amounts of revision done for each topic.  Ensure you allow enough time between each exam and avoid neglecting topics at the end of the exam period.26490066561_ba9e077547_h
  2. Take breaks – It’s really important to take regular breaks each hour – even if it’s just to stretch your legs.  It’s especially important if your revising from a computer as it’s really bad for your eyes to be sat in front of a screen for a long time.
  3. Eat well – Summer term is a crazy time and sometimes you can forget the basics such as eating well (remember it’s fueling your brain!) and drinking lots of waterfruits
  4. It’s not too late! – It’s never too late to start revision, just take advantage of the time you have left, but don’t overwork yourself
  5. Priorities – Don’t neglect any of your modules; just because you have one exam coming up, don’t leave all the others until the last minute.
  6. Exercise – Whether its going to the gym or going for a walk, it’s really important to do exercise during revision period to give your mind a rest and stay healthy.  You may also find it makes it easier to study after doing exercise.24291950523_d770708c42_b

Important things to bear in mind before your exam:

  1. Relax – there’s nothing more you can do at this stage and being stressed will mean its less likely for you to do well in the exam so bear that in mind.
  2. Revision notes – personally I like to take small revision cards containing hard to remember information to read through just before I go into the exam in the hope I will be able to retain the information (and most of the time it works).
  3. Have a good nights sleep before hand – SLEEP is very important!  If you try and stay up all night before the exam, your not as likely to retain the information you’ve learnt and may lack concentration

Good luck!

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