A message to parents: why not to worry

So, your son or daughter is going to arrive at The University of Essex in early October and let’s be honest, you’re worried. It’s natural to be, you’ve had them around you for the last 18 years or so, but this is a positive step – I promise! The University of Essex is an amazing, safe and life-changing place to study, so your child is in good hands. If you don’t believe me yet, then here are my reasons why you really don’t need to worry…


Making friends

From the moment your son or daughter arrives at The University of Essex they will be surrounded by thousands of other students who are in the same position. Whether they’re flatmates, or students they bump into in the campus shop, everyone is just hoping to make some friends and settle in well. It’s more than likely that a few of their flatmates will end up being their best friends whilst they are at university and probably even beyond! So see this as the opportunity for your son/daughter to make some friends for life from all over the world.


Having someone to talk to

If things aren’t going well, or your child just needs someone to talk to, then there is always Nightline. Nightline is a service run by students that looks out for the welfare of all students. The Nightline service is open every night during term-time from 10pm to 8am. It is an anonymous and confidential listening service and trained volunteers are available to discuss any problems students may have. It’s great to know that if your child ever needed someone to talk to they could do so in confidence. More information can be found here.


Visiting home

With 3 train stations in Colchester and buses running from the campus close to each of them,  visiting home should be a piece of cake. From Colchester North Station you can reach London Liverpool Street in around 50 minutes, so there’s great travel links to get to wherever home is for you. In Southend the train station is directly opposite the campus and is also only around 50 minutes to central London. So there’s no excuse for them to not come and visit you on your birthday! And, if your child is an international student,  there is a bus that runs directly from the university to Stansted airport just in case.


Studying their favourite topics

Being around other students that are interested in the same topics as you is one of my favourite aspects of university. Your son/daughter will be surrounded by other students that they can discuss or debate with and I know from experience just how much this will help them to grow in confidence throughout their degree. The wide range of modules will allow them to focus in on the topics they are most interested in, which in turn will hopefully enable them to love every minute of their degree (other than the late nights revising when we all leave it a little too late!)


I hope this post has calmed your nerves and made you feel excited for what’s yet to come for your son/daughter. You’ll be amazed how quickly the time flies once they have started University!


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