The last minute shoppers guide: everything you need to bring to uni

Ok, so move in day is right around the corner and I’m guessing some of you are a little last minute in buying anything but new clothes for uni! In my time at university, I have lived on and off campus, so I’m going to try and help you out with a list of things to bring before you turn up empty handed!


1. Your important documents

Passport/ID – it is always useful to have some form of ID on you, especially when registering at uni.

Your university admissions letter – as proof of what uni you are at, what course you are studying and for how long.

Accommodation documents – for when you pick up your key and for information about payments.

Student Finance documents – so you can easily check what dates and how much you are expecting to go into your bank account.

Bankcard – for making payments. You may want to think about opening a Student Bank Account. There are banks on campus too, so if you want to know about registering with them, either ask during welcome week or you can speak to student services beforehand (

National Insurance Number – if you are thinking about getting a job on campus or in the surrounding area then this is essential. You are able to apply for one once you are at uni if you do not yet have one.

 2. Electrical items

Laptop/computer and charger – really useful for doing your uni work and for getting in contact with your friends and family. Some people bring a printer too, but they do have them on campus as well.

Headphones – useful if you are thinking about joining the university gym and also so you don’t annoy your flatmates by playing music too loud! I like listening to music when I walk to an early morning lecture – it motivates me to not just turn back around and go back to bed!

Extension leads – sometimes you may find that there are not enough plug sockets in your room, so an extension lead always comes in useful so you can use all of the electrical items that you wish.

Phone and charger – to keep in contact with friends, family and possibly work colleagues. It’ll be really handy to get numbers from people on your course too if you have any group work, or if you want to double check where a lecture is!


3. Stationery

Notepads, pens and pencils – really useful for writing notes in lectures and also to write revision notes. However, some people prefer to type these up on their laptop.

Highlighters – useful for studying and highlighting key points and things to remember.

Post-it notes – useful to jot anything useful down, either as a reminder or to help with revision.

Diary – extremely useful, especially if you are planning on taking part in lots of extra curricular activities e.g. a part time job, socialising with friends, volunteering with the vTeam and being part of a club or society. With a diary, you can easily just organise your days and you don’t have to try and remember everything!

Hole punch – useful if you like to organise your work into ring-binder folders.

Stapler – to help keep your work together and organised.

Calculator – if you study a course that requires calculations then a calculator is most likely to be essential. However, it can also help you to manage your money and budget if you need to (as this does not always go to plan…trust me!).


4. Household essentials

Bedroom – duvet, pillows, bedsheets, duvet cover and pillowcases, coat hangers, laundry bag (better than using the floor). Some none essential but handy things to have are; a doorstop – it helps to be sociable and have your door open for socialising with flat mates, a clotheshorse – using dryers all the time can get pricey, so it’s good to have one of these on hand to dry your clothes.

Bathroom – towels, toothbrush, medication, First Aid kit, soap, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner.

Kitchen – saucepans (always useful for your instant noodles), kitchen utensils, cutlery, mugs, glasses, bowls, plates, baking tray, tea towels, cheese grater, vegetable peeler, colander (as you will be cooking pasta a lot!), tin opener, oven gloves, dish cloths or sponges (as I’m sure you’ll never be leaving dirty dishes on the side…).

And of course cleaning products! (I know right now you think you won’t be doing any cleaning, but trust me, you’ll miss being at home if you let everywhere get dirty.)

5. Bedroom decoration (optional but makes your room feel more homely)





Bed throw

Ornaments/dressing table mirror

So there you have your definitive list! I hope you manage to find everything you need and that they haven’t sold out by the time you get around to doing your shopping!

Good luck with moving into your new place, you will have an experience that you will never forget!

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