32 things you’ll hear uni students say

Being a community focused campus University, there’s always people around. Whether you’re on your way to a lecture or having a drink with some friends in the SU bar, you soon begin to hear the same things around and about!

Here are a few of my favourite, relatable things which you generally hear students saying…

  1. “It’s so cold”

Thoughts of studying in the sun in England are distant memories far too often… Get ready to freeze as you walk through the wind tunnel which runs through the Towers during the winter months …

  1. “First year doesn’t even count anyway”

It does technically but you can’t just ignore it: you do actually have to pass the year to progress! Also, the stuff you learn in your first year is expanded on further in the following years so it’s a good idea to get ahead of everything!

  1. “Can’t I just go back to first year?”

Third years everywhere desperately trying to make the most of the few University days that they have left… Just don’t say the “g word” (graduation) around them…


  1. “Do you think this is cooked?”

The consultation of a flatmate is a must when cooking food for both taste, health and most importantly liability.

  1. “Right what time are we leaving then?”

Organising plans with groups is painful. You’ll say that you’re going out to the SU at 7 pm but everyone knows that you won’t leave until at least ten past…

  1. “I think I deserve a break”

Yes I’ve written 20 words in an hour. Yes two of them are my name. But I deserve a break none the less…

  1. “That exam went okay”

Inside I’m really panicking but there’s nothing on my face to show that it went badly…


Source: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CFdTIXEVEAAb1T8.jpg:large

8. “Mum… could you transfer me some money for rent*?”

*money to go out…

  1. “I’m going to the library to be productive!”

This statement is 50% true.

  1. “We’re out of washing up liquid”

Also applies to toilet roll, salt or anything mildly essential that seems to disappear in a student house.

  1. “How do I reference this?”

Because if books aren’t hard enough to reference, you’ve got to do something completely different for websites…

  1. “How am I ill again?”

Mild illness is often a permanent state of being when you’re a student. And yes Fresher’s Flu is real…

  1. “I pay 9 grand a year for this?”

Or more if you’re an international student… The only thing anyone ever says to complain about stuff!

  1. “Mum and Dad are picking me up tomorrow and I haven’t even started packing yet!”

You think that you’ve only got a few bits of clothes and books? It won’t take long? How wrong you are…


Source: https://66.media.tumblr.com/2945e614e08bac759164162d3fe8742c/tumblr_inline_octr1lpPHH1sq3bg9_500.gif

  1. “I can eat this, even though it has past the best before date right?”

Does it smell good? Does it look good? Yeah you’ll probably be fine…

  1. “I’m aiming for a first this year”

First week of term

  1. “A 2:1 is fine”

Every other week of term

  1. “Why are the walls in halls so paper thin?”

If only I shared my neighbour’s desires to play R n B music at 3:30 am… Don’t be “that guy”…

  1. “Don’t look at my Student ID!”

That rushed picture taken during Fresher’s week is going to haunt you for years to come…

  1. “I don’t need to write that down I’ll remember it”

Who needs to write notes in lectures?

  1. “What did my lecturer say that I needed to do for this essay?”

I didn’t remember it.

  1. “Who’s this I got a friend request from?”

You probably had a 30-minute conversation with them the night before. You probably have tons of mutual friends. Do you recognise them? Nope…

  1. “What’s your name?”

Just so you know, I’m probably going to have to ask this again two or three more times to remember it. Each time will be more awkward than the last don’t worry!

  1. “Where’s my bowl gone?”

Probably by the sink waiting to be washed.

  1. “Right who set the fire alarm off at 3 am?”

Oh… it was someone blow drying a sock (true story)

  1. “I should probably go to bed soon”

Still awake 2 hours and a few episodes later…


Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/the-big-bang-theory-kaley-cuoco-tbbt-RcA83GJkdOiUE

  1. “I should have started to revise earlier…”

Because modules are not designed to be learnt and memorised in a few days…

  1. I’m pretty sure this was never taught to us. *friend explains* Oh yeah…

No matter how hard you study, there’s always stuff you won’t get…

  1. “Did everyone just get this text from student finance saying that our money’s gone through?”

The only good piece of communication you’ll ever receive from student finance.

  1. “They took money out of our deposit for that?”

Our house had hardwood floors. How did they manage to charge us for carpet cleaning?

  1. “Why is there a person at the door asking about our TV license?”

Yes, they do actually chase you up to pay it…

  1. “I don’t want to graduate”

Because you wouldn’t switch university life for anything in the world.


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