The best and weirdest things about living in halls

Living in halls is weird and wonderful and usually you only get the experience for one year. So although I only live 45 minute drive from campus, there was no stopping me living in halls for my 1st year! I lived in one of the south towers and our flat was very multicultural with 8 different nationalities. It was defiantly a learning experience! I have some very fond memories from living in halls and it taught me a lot. I’ve also experienced a lot of weird stuff too, so here’s what you can expect from  your uni accommodation!

Best Thing 1: The community.

One of the best things about living in halls was the community it created. Living in South Towers, each flat had 16 rooms, meaning I’d already made 15 friends before I’d even started freshers! We enjoyed many milk it night outs together, movie nights and celebrated special occasions together, such as Christmas.


Best Thing 2: The late night heart to hearts.

You’ve just got back from a night out, it’s 3am and you’ve decided to make some drunk food. While your munching away you start chatting to your new friends. I’m not sure why, but the best chats can happen then. The ones where you get to know them on a deeper level, you find out their worries and emotions and it creates a deep bond. I enjoyed many late night chats after nights out and made some of the best friends from it!

giphy (3).gif


Now, for the weirder side of living in Halls!

Weirdest thing 1: Stopping someone from setting the cheese toastie maker on fire

Warning: Please take extra care when making food under the influence of alcohol. Why? Because one night me and my boyfriend came back from a night out to discover one of my flat mates had put a cheese toastie in the toasties maker and had fallen asleep in the kitchen. He had also left a plastic bag over the toastie maker which started to melt. So we basically saved the whole flat, kind of. Moral of this story; you may find yourself in the weirdest situations you never thought you would, but in the process you get to save a few lives so it’s worth it 😉

Weirdest Thing 2: People ringing your doorbell, not saying anything and then walking straight past you.

In my flat, there was a group of about 8 of us who were all good friends. The rest of the flat tended to hang out with friends they had made outside of our flat. Being a fresher, I was up for making friends with anyone and always made the effort the say hello to someone new. However, quite a few of my flat mate’s friends would ring the doorbell, someone would answer the door and they would usually stand there, not say anything then walk around whoever had answer the door. It was like “hello?” have I just let some random person into my flat? Should I follow them to make sure they’re not just a really confident burglar?! The most annoying thing of all this? Whoever they had come to see would never come and answer the door for their friend. Sometimes the door bell would ring and ring and you’d finally get up to answer it, to just get walked around! It’s ok though, most of them were nice!


Weirdest thing 3: The mysterious flat mate

Without a doubt, the weirdest thing about living in halls is the mysterious flat mate. Who is the mysterious flat mate you ask? Exactly. And every flat has one. In my flat it was these 2 boys from Hong Kong. On the second day of moving in to my flat the Resident Assistant called a meeting and requested that everyone must attend. These two guys didn’t, so he went to knock on their doors and found they had propped open the fire escape to get in and out (this is completely forbidden) just to avoid seeing anyone! I must have seen them about 5 times the whole year and that includes finding them cooking at 5am…I still don’t know why. Look out for your mysterious flat mate, they’ll be hiding somewhere.

giphy (1).gif


So Basically, living in halls you will have some of the best times and laugh until your stomach hurts. But keep an eye out for the mysterious flat mate and don’t be alarmed if you answer the door to strangers.

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