How to make a photo hanger

Today I am going to be giving you instructions on how to make a photo hanger for your new bedroom! Photos are a great way to decorate your room, whether they are pictures of your friends from home, family, pets or uni friends!

This is a really cheap and decorative way to make your uni room look a bit more colourful and homely. You can even use it as a notice board rather than a photo hanger!

The things you will need are…

  • String (£1.00)
  • Small clothes pegs, I really liked the coloured ones you can buy! (£1.09)
  • Tape (£1.75 ) or Blu-Tac (£1.70)
  • Scissors (£1.50)
  • Wallet sized photos (price depends on how many photos you are using. I usually get my photos printed by Photobox as I find they are a decent price and sometimes have some good deals).

The total price without photos comes to £5.29-£5.34. You may be able to find the products cheaper elsewhere, but I thought that Tesco would be the most convenient store for all you Essex students. Also if you share with your housemates, then it really isn’t bad at all!

How to make it (it’s really easy)…

  1. Cut the length of the string with your scissors to whatever length you would like (you could even use multiple lines of string if you wanted to!).
  2. Stick each end of the string on to the wall horizontally using tape or Blu-Tac.
  3. Finally peg your photos onto the string. Polaroid style photos work really well but you can use normal style photos too, as long as they are not too big for the small peg to hold.



If you are feeling a bit more technical then you can add in a photo frame. To do this you follow the steps above, however instead of sticking the string to the wall, you stick it to the inside of an empty photo frame. So it will look something like this…


If you are more into arts and crafts then there are a lot more complicated options that you can find online to try out, but for now, I hope that you find this useful and try out the idea! 🙂

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